Japan Diaries 3: Day 7

Day 7 December 25, 2019

Flight Home

Merry Christmas or better yet Meri Kurisumasu from Japan! This is it, our last day in this beautiful country known as the Land of the Rising Sun

5 more minutes, please!

We woke up to another beautiful but very cold morning at Oriental Suites Airport Osaka Rinku in Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture. As you can recall, we spent our Christmas Eve with our Japanese godparent and his family in their home in Kumatori before checking in to this awesome hotel late last night.

Check out the amazing view from Oriental Suites Airport Osaka Rinku

Rise and shine Team Nicerio!

Since our flight to Manila was still at 5:45 in the afternoon, we took the opportunity to relax and enjoy the comfort of our room. Speaking of our room, we were checked in at room 2405. It has an amazing view of Osaka Bay and of the Kansai International Airport Access Bridge

Who wouldn't want to have a photo with this view as the background

When the eighth member of our group named HUNGER woke up, we all went down to the buffet area on the 2nd floor of the Oriental Suites Airport Osaka Rinku to satisfy him. The hotel was
 serving Western-style breakfast during our stay. The food was OK, however, since the dining area was near one of the main entrances of the hotel, the chilly air from the outside ruins ones dining experience every time someone comes in or out of the hotel. It was the reason why we decided that it's better to just stay in the comfort and warmth of our hotel room.

Let's go to the 2nd floor for breakfast

The buffet area of Oriental Suites Airport Osaka Rinku

Ella, what do you want to eat?


We checked out of Oriental Suites Airport Osaka Rinku at around 10AM. Aside from the comfy room and friendly staff, what we like about the hotel is its accessibility to JR Rinku Town Station. This means getting to and from the airport is fairly easy. As a matter of fact, it only took us 5 minutes to reach JR Rinku Town Station from our hotel and another 5 minutes to reach JR Kansai Airport Station after riding the train. 

Hello Kansai International Airport!

Since our flight is still later in the afternoon, we killed time by exploring the airport. We looked for souvenirs to buy so that we could use up all our accumulated coins. We went gatchapon hunting and also bought several drinks from the vending machines at the airport. 

Exploring Kansai International Airport

Got the Eki stamp of Kansai International Airport and the JR Kansai Airport Station

KIX Airport Stamp featuring Sorayan, the airport's mascot 

One of the hobbies that I picked up during this visit was collecting eki stamps also called station stamps. I have discovered that every train station, port, and airport gives free souvenir stamps perfect if you have a diary. Some well-known temples, shrines, hotels, and ryokans also have it. Of course, I didn't miss out on the stamp from Kansai International Airport for my collection. 

Til next time Japan

We boarded Air Asia flight Z2189 bound for Manila at around 5:45PM. With that, our 2019 Japan trip comes to a close.

Thanks for following our third adventure to Japan. See you at our 4th visit!

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