Singapore Botanic Garden - Singapore

Located in 1 Cluny Road, Singapore, Singapore Botanic Gardens is a beautiful 82-hectare garden in the middle of the bustling city.

Singapore Botanic Garden

Singapore Botanic Gardens History

Singapore Botanic Gardens started as a research and agri-horticultural site in 1859. This place played an important role in perfecting the rubber extraction technique which helped the region's rubber trade boom in the early 20th century. 

Singapore Botanic Garden - Singapore

Where are you going, Leo?

A black swan...

This 150+-year-old tropical garden gained its special status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015. It is now one of the only three gardens (and the only tropical garden) to be honored as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Romance is in the air!

Today, the Singapore Botanic Garden is home to more than 10,000 different species of flora. Its highlight, the National Orchid Garden contains 60,000 plants and orchids. The garden is divided into 3 "cores". These are the Tanglin Core, Central Core, and Bukit Timah Core. A fourth core, the Tyersall-Gallop Core is set to open in 2017. Each core contains different attractions that are worth visiting.

Inside Singapore Botanic Gardens:

Singapore Botanic Garden

Singapore Botanic Garden is open 5AM- 12 midnight every day. Entrance is free except for the National Orchid Garden which has an entrance fee of SG$5.

Singapore Botanic Gardens - UNESCO World Heritage Site

I got the chance to visit Singapore Botanic Gardens with my family during our Singapore-Malaysia Tour 2017. I find the place attractive and well preserved. My daughter particularly enjoyed viewing the turtles and fishes in Eco-Lake. My only concern about this nice place is the availability of toilets and their accessibility. It would be quite a challenge looking for a toilet if you are not familiar with the place. Despite the direction markers posted near the pathways, there is still a chance that you'd get lost. For instance, we had to walk a kilometer from Eco-Lake to the toilet in the visitor center (we followed the direction markers) which is about a kilometer away not knowing that there is a toilet near the Melati Gate. 

This serves as a tip though, always get a map (if it is available) when entering a park or research thoroughly a day before traveling. 

Singapore Botanic Garden Map

So here's a map from to prevent you from experiencing what we had.

Singapore Botanic Garden Admission Fee:

It's FREE to visit most parts of Singapore Botanic Garden however if you wish to visit the National Orchid Garden you need to pay a $3.75 admission fee

Singapore Botanic Garden Opening Hours:

Singapore Botanic Garden is open from 5AM to midnight. However, the National Orchid Garden is open only from 8:30AM - 7PM.

Why visit Singapore Botanic Garden?

Singapore Botanic Garden is a perfect escape from the noise of the cars and the skyscrapers of Singapore. For a change, half a day here would surely relax the mind and body. 

Getting to Singapore Botanic Garden:

For me, the best way to get to Singapore Botanic Garden is via train but you may also choose to ride a bus when going to the garden.

By Train:
-Ride the Circle Line / Downtown line and board down at the Botanic Garden MRT station

By Bus:
To Tanglin Gate
-Ride the SBS Transit buses 7,105,123,174, 174e and alight at Napier/ Holland Road.
-Ride the SMRT 75, 77, 106, NR8 and alight at the Napier/ Holland Road.

To Bukit Timah Gate/ Jacob Ballas Children's Garden
- Ride the SBS Transit buses 48, 66, 151,153,154,156,170 and alight at Bukit Timah/ Dumearn Road 
- Ride the SMRT 67, 171 and alight at Bukit Timah/ Dumearn Road

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