Banaue Rice Terraces - Ifugao

Located in Banaue in the province of Ifugao, Banaue Rice Terraces is a well known National Cultural Treasure of the Philippines.

Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces History

It was carved and built some 2,000 years ago by the ancestors of the indigenous people in the mountains of Ifugao. Banaue Rice Terraces are locally referred to as the Hagdan-Hagdang Palayan ng Banawe. It is also dubbed as the "Eighth Wonder of the World". 

Banaue Rice Terraces - Ifugao

Nice hair bru!

Also known as the Ifugao Rice Terraces

The terraces are approximately 1500 meters or about 5000 feet above sea level, making it one of the highest farms in the country. Surprisingly, these bimillennium old terraces are still being used today and have changed only a little.

A very rewarding view

The Banaue Rice Terraces together with the other terraces of Ifugao were declared by the Philippine government as National Cultural Treasures by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 260 in 1973. Sadly, Banaue Rice Terraces failed to be recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the presence of numerous modern structures that were built in and around it. There are, however, other rice terraces in Banaue that were categorized as World Heritage Sites under the Rice Terraces of the Cordilleras. These are the Batad and Bangaan Rice Terraces. 

Can you see the waterfalls?

A beautiful morning view of the Banaue Rice Terraces

I got to visit and see the beautiful Banaue Rice Terraces (including the eyesores erected in it) during our trip to Sagada. Despite only being a stopover, it was enough for me and my wife to fully appreciate it. (Oh, and I also got to cross out one destination from the 2014 Birthday Travel Wishlist.)

Team Nicerio at Banaue Rice Terraces:

Team Nicerio visits Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces Admission Fee:

It's FREE to explore the rice terraces. 

Why Visit Banaue Rice Terraces?

Although it's very far from Metro Manila and there are no airfields near it, Banaue Rice Terraces should always be included in your "must-visit places in the Philippines list". The photographs in blogs, magazines, and books do not give justice to the real beauty of what is dubbed the "Eighth Wonder of the World". Here's a tip, visit Banaue Rice Terraces from June to July as it's the greenest. If you want to see locals planting rice then visit in September. 

Getting to Banaue Rice Terraces:

From Manila, Ride a Florida/ Ohayami bus heading to Bontoc. It will pass Banaue. It is highly recommended to try out the night buses as the trip will take you 8-9 hours. Fare costs around P500 -600.

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  1. The only rice terraces I've seen so far are the ones in Ubud in Bali. Sucks to say, but I've seen foreign attractions before I've even visited my country's tourist spots. Will definitely take time to soak up on this beauty when we go to Sagada this May.

    1. Hi bro. There are tours that combine Ifugao Rice Terraces with that of Sagada. You should check it out. =)

  2. Your site is SO aesthetically pleasing. The pictures and color choices are beautiful! Love the content as well... so many places I’ve never heard of!

  3. Beautiful place..the terraced farming looks so amazing...bea beauti pics.
    Very well presented..
    Thank you

  4. Wow I love your pictures. They are breathtaking!

  5. Awesome pics with information. It contains many things with natural beauty.

  6. Thank you very much for such useful information! I feel that I shall go Banaue Rice Terraces for my next holiday!

  7. Your pictures are amazing, thanks for sharing them. I love the view. I am sure the rice would be so delicious on those mountains :)

    1. Haven't tried eating rice from the terraces but I think it is delish.

  8. Looks beautiful, would love to visit someday!

  9. I had so many plans to visit Banaue Rice Terraces but never got a chance to do it. Now, it's more difficult since I moved to US.

  10. I am so proud to say that I have been here! It was a stunning and unforgettable experience. A heritage site I have only seen in pictures and textbooks and just one day with my own eyes, up close and personal. Thanks for sharing wonderful posts as always Neil.

    1. You're so lucky. =) Thank you for visiting my site. =)

  11. We have visited rice fields in Bali and they were wonderful. I am sure you had an amazing time visiting these beautiful rice fields too.

    1. Yes I did. =) It was a wonderful experience. I hope to see the ones in Bali too someday.

  12. I have never been to Ifugao but I really wanted to go there one of these days. Hopefully, next time when I visit the Philippines. I miss my homeland already.

  13. Banaue Rice Terraces is really beautiful.


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