Malagonlong Bridge - Quezon

Located in Tayabas in the Quezon province, Malagonlong Bridge is a Spanish colonial era infrastructure that is part of the Historic Bridges of Tayabas.

Malagonlong Bridge

Malagonlong Bridge Details

Construction of the Malagonlong Bridge began in 1840 under the term of Gobernadorcillo Don Joaquin Ortega. According to the inscription on the bridge, it was inaugurated in 1850 during the term of Gobernadorcillo Don Julian S. Francisco.

Malagonlong Bridge - Tayabas, Quezon

Also called Puente de Malagonlong, the bridge was built using forced labor. Malagonlong Bridge was said to be built using an estimated 100,000 adobe blocks.

The historical marker of the Malagonlong Bridge

Locals would usually wash their clothes under the bridge.

Malagonlong Bridge has a total length of 445 feet. It has five arches with varying heights and widths. The tallest of these arches measures 36 feet tall and 36 feet wide. The bridge has a carriageway of about 20 feet. It also has six small balconies where pedestrians used to stop by. 

The Spanish inscription in the middle of the bridge

Inaugurated in 1850 under Gobernadorcillo Don Julian S. Francisco

Today, Malagonlong Bridge is spared from any vehicular activities. A new bridge was built parallel to it and serves as the main passageway for vehicles going in and out of Tayabas.

Malagonlong Bridge now

I got to cross Malagonlong Bridge (on foot of course) during our Experience Quezon 2016 Media Tour. In my opinion, the bridge seems to be "forgotten" due to the grass growing on it. Aside from that the far end of the bridge literally leads to nowhere. It is covered with tall cogon grass and plenty of shrubs. However, I have also observed some construction equipment about 100 meters from its far end. Although I didn't ask what particular project they are working on, I still believe and hope that it has something to do with restoring the historic bridge. 

The new bridge as seen from Malagonlong Bridge

Here's a better view of the new bridge.

Overall, visiting Malagonlong Bridge and crossing it would make you ponder about life and traffic in the Spanish colonial period. 

Malagonlong Bridge needs to be restored soon.

So what are you waiting for? Dress up in a Spanish colonial era costume, rent a horse-drawn carriage and cross Malagonlong Bridge! That's the best way to have the Spanish colonial era feel. Just kidding!

Malagonlong Bridge Entrance Fee

It's FREE to visit and explore Malagonlong Bridge. 

Malagonlong Bridge operating hours

Malagonlong Bridge is open 24/7. However, it is highly recommended not to visit at night as the bridge is not well lit. 

Why visit Malagonlong Bridge?

Malagonlong Bridge might not be your typical tourist destination, you won't actually even notice it immediately when driving around Tayabas. However, knowing about it and learning its history would probably be the best thing this bridge could get in this generation where the historic infrastructures are slowly being forgotten. You may visit Malagonlong Bridge and post about it on your social media accounts to share the sad state of this historic bridge and hopefully, someone "important" would notice and the bridge would be given a new life in this new age.

Getting to Malagonlong Bridge:

From Manila, Cubao, or Alabang ride a bus heading to Lucena's Grand Central Terminal. From there, ride a jeepney going to Tayabas City. Once you reach the town proper of Tayabas, ride a tricycle going to Malagonlong Bridge


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