Cape Engano Lighthouse - Cagayan

Located in Palaui Island in the town of Sta. Ana in the province of Cagayan, Cape Engaño Lighthouse is one of the lighthouses built by the Spaniards in Northern Luzon.

Cape Engano Lighthouse

Cape Engano Lighthouse History

Also known as Faro de Cabo Engaño. Cape Engano Lighthouse was constructed on the 21st of September 1888 and was finished on the 31st of December 1892. It sits atop the summit of Mt. Kabo (it's a hill by the way) 92 meters above sea level. It has a 360-degree view of Bashi Channel, Pacific Ocean, and Engaño Cove.

Cape Engano Lighthouse - Palaui Island, Cagayan

Cape Engano Lighthouse as seen from the boat ride

Cape Engano Lighthouse NHI marker

Check out the picturesque view from Cape Engano Lighthouse

The Dos Hermanos Islands as seen from inside the tower

The lighthouse was initially designed by Engineer Magin Pers y Pers. He also designed the lighthouse in Cape Bojeador and Capones Island.

We visited the lighthouse as part of our Palaui Island tour. It's the only man-made structure that you'd see when you're on the boat heading to Engaño Cove.

The Cape Engano Lighthouse tower

Another angle of the tower.

From Engaño Cove you can reach the lighthouse by trekking Mt. Kabo. it would only take you 10-15 minutes from the base up. However, it took us almost an hour to reach the lighthouse. The reason was that, the higher we get, the more beautiful the view becomes. Halfway to the top, you'd already get a panoramic view of the island. You'd surely stop to take pictures. (Hence, it's really a time killer.)

These steps lead you halfway to Mt. Kabo.

Once you get to the lighthouse, it would remind you of the ruins in Corregidor Island. I was amazed to find out that the lighthouse is still in service amidst the deteriorating interior. The guide said that it was refitted with solar panels and a caretaker frequently visits and inspects the facility.

Inside Cape Engano Lighthouse

We had a fun time in the lighthouse compound

It's sad to note that the current state of the lighthouse makes it an eyesore to the beauty of Palaui Island.

The Backpack Adventures visits Cape Engano Lighthouse

Cape Engano Lighthouse Entrance Fee:

Visitors can enter Cape Engano Lighthouse for free but they need to rent a boat from San Vicente Port to reach it. The boat fare is 1800 pesos.

Why visit Cape Engano Lighthouse?

Cape Engano Lighthouse has one of the best views of the Cape Engano Cove and Dos Hermanos Islands. It is also one of the best places to camp when you decide to stay on the island overnight. For history buffs, you should never miss out on this historical landmark in the far north.

Getting to Cape Engano Lighthouse:

Ride a bus heading to Sta. Ana, Cagayan. from there, ride a tricycle to Port San Vicente. Rent a boat that would bring you to Engaño Cove. Then prepare to hike to the top of Mt. Kabo to reach the lighthouse. (Don't worry man-made steps are already constructed until halfway to the top.) 
Boat fare: 1800 pesos

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  1. Great photos! It made me want to visit Cape Engano Lighthouse in the future!


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