Intro to Ratings

To further add substance to my blogs, I decided to include ratings to each of my published articles. These ratings would serve as a quality guide to the destinations or food trips that I have blogged. It would also show my readers my unbiased opinions about the blogged places.

Here's a guide on how to understand my crowd/pilgrim ratings:

 - Place can get very crowded at times You could enjoy it or hate it depending on your disposition.

 - Crowd level is just normal.

- almost a desert! The place might be hidden or is not frequented by people.

Here's a guide on how to understand my taste ratings:

 - Tastes great for a normal person. A must try. The food is begging to be tasted.

 - Just good! Taste it and tell me what you think.

 - Tastes like it's bought from a fast food restaurant.

- What on earth is that! I hope I won't get sick after eating that!

Here's a guide on how to understand the cleanliness ratings: 

 - Great! The place is squeaky clean. It would pass for a quarantine zone!

 - Just good! Place is regularly maintained.

 - Either the place is ill-maintained or vandals decided to call it home.

- The place could pass for a sanitary landfill. 

Here's a guide on how to understand my overall ratings:
 -Excellent! You must add this place/festival/food to your bucket list quickly before it's too late!
Great! You should try this place/festival/food. You'll surely love it!
Nice! It won't hurt to try this place/festival/food.
 Just fine! The place/festival/food shows promise but overall it's just OK.
Hmmm! Too common, It's up to you if you want to visit/try it.


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