A Guide to Solidarity Route Sticker

Do you live in Bacoor City in the province of Cavite? Do you own a vehicle? Do you often travel around Bacoor City? Do you want to avoid traffic on Bacoor's major roads? If your answer to these is YES, then you should get your hands on this sticker. Read on and learn about the Solidarity Route Sticker

A Guide to Solidarity Route Sticker

Frequently asked questions:

1. What is a Solidarity Route?

A Solidarity Route is an alternative route that was opened for 4-wheel private vehicles with Solidarity Route stickers to ease traffic and decongest the major roads of the city. In some cases, it also becomes a shortcut to several destinations in and out of Bacoor City. As of 2019, there are 11 Solidarity Routes available.

2. What are the 11 Solidarity Routes  Available?

Solidarity Route Soldier's Hills Subdivision

Solidarity Route ADDAS II-A / ADDAS II/ Progressive Village 15
Solidarity Route Camella Springville
Solidarity Route F&E De Castro

Solidarity Route Gardenia Villa / Queen's Row Subdivision / Camella Springville

Solidarity Route Meadowood Executive Village

Solidarity Route Molino Blvd - Bahayang Pag-asa via Bellazona

Solidarity Route Queensrow Subdivision

Solidarity Route San Miguel II Subdivision

Solidarity Route Town & Country Subdivision

Solidarity Route Vista Verde Subdivision

3. Where can I get a Solidarity Route Sticker?

You can get the Solidarity Route Sticker at the Office of the Management Information System found on the 3rd floor of the Bacoor City Hall.

4. How much is the Solidarity Route Sticker?

The Solidarity Route Sticker is totally FREE

5. Where can I get the Application Forms for the Solidarity Route Sticker?

Bacoor City Hall

Office of Management Information System

The Solidarity Route Sticker Application form was once available on the bacoor.gov.ph page but the link to it is broken. Regardless, you can get the application forms at the Office of the Management Information System found on the 3rd floor of the Bacoor City Hall.  

6. What are the requirements for me to get the Solidarity Route Sticker?

Solidarity Route Sticker Application Form
The requirements for you to get the Solidarity Route Sticker are:
  1. Accomplished Application Form
  2. Driver's License or Police Clearance
  3. Valid ID which shows that you are a resident of Bacoor City / Original Barangay Certificate
  4. OR / CR of the 4-wheel private vehicle
  5. Recent 2x2 picture
  6. Deed of Sale (if necessary)
  7. Certification from the company (if necessary)

7. What are the procedures in applying for the Solidarity Route Sticker?

  1. Complete all the requirements and head to Bacoor City Hall.
  2. Once there, head to the Office of the Management Information System found on the 3rd floor of the Bacoor City Hall.
  3. If you do not have an application form yet, ask for one and fill it up. 
  4. Once done, submit it to the person-in-charge in the Office of the Management Information System.
  5. Wait for your Solidarity Route sticker to be released. Don't worry it'll only take 3-5 minutes.
This procedure takes only around 5-15 minutes (longer if there are a lot of applicants). 

8. Can a truck, delivery van, UV Express, bus, motorcycle, or tricycle get a Solidarity Route Sticker?

Sorry but the Solidarity Route Sticker is only for 4-wheel private vehicles.

9. Until when is the Solidarity Route Sticker valid?

The Solidarity Route Sticker 2019 is valid until June 2022.

Do you have any other questions regarding the Solidarity Route Stickers? Leave your questions in the comment section of this article. 

Special thanks to The Bacoor City Government, headed by Mayor Lani Mercado Revilla, and also the members of the Bacoor Home Owners Association Council Incorporated (BHOACI) and the Federation of Springville City Homeowners Association, Inc. for making this program possible. 


  1. baket po bawal na daw sa meadwood ang may solid. sticker

    1. Nakadaan naman ako last time sa Meadowood. Baka may bago silang policy in line with the COVID response of the subdivision. You can call the barangay hall for more info.

  2. Yes. Dadaan sana ako sa Meadowood last May17,di na daw pwede.

  3. Hi Neil, thank you for this post. I am also soon to be a Bacoor Resident. Do you have an updated version of this?

    1. Good day! The process and requirements are still the same. :) Update will be on 2022 when the new sticker will be released. :)

  4. Wala pa daw available sticker sa munisipyo sabi ng guard

    1. Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully marelease na ang new batch ng Solidarity Route Stickers. Just in case, don't remove the old ones baka pwede pa gamitin.


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