Ark Avilon Zoo - Pasig City


Jan 2019 - After 11 years of operations, Ark Avilon Zoo's lease contract has expired. It's doors will now be closed and its animals will return to Avilon Zoo in Rodriguez, Rizal.

Located in Frontera Verde in Pasig City, Ark Avilon Zoo is an interactive indoor zoo that is famously known for its Noah's Ark themed facade.

Ark Avilon Zoo

Ark Avilon Zoo details

Ark Avilon Zoo boasts its "star-studded" line up of friendly animals. These animal celebrities are: Ayla the Palawan bearcat, Alex and Nardo the cockatoos, Andy and Mercy the penguins, Busty the pony, Krusty the donkey, Tyson the Burmese python and last but definitely not the least Jenny the Bornean orangutan.

The Ark
Ark Avilon Zoo - Pasig City

Visitors can interact and have a picture taken with these "celebrities" at a given price though. These animals are spread out in the different parts of the two-story zoo.

Reminds me of Noah's Ark

Oh, wait! It really is designed as an ark!

Aside from the said animals, you could also see other animals in the Ark Avilon Zoo. They however can't be interacted with and is only for viewing purposes. These animals are; the tortoise, lion, tiger, marmoset, lemurs, and some different species of birds. 

I spy Guinea Pigs

Feed them rabbits!!!

Feed them fish!!!

Visitors would also enjoy the Farmland Feeding Station where visitors could feed farm animals like rabbits, sheep, goats guinea pigs, and even a pony. You have to buy the food though.

Here's what your kids could see in Ark Avilon Zoo:

I visited Ark Avilon Zoo during the outbound education (field trip) of my class last 2016. I have observed that my students truly enjoyed their time in the zoo. I think interacting with the animals is way better than just watching them. I personally enjoyed feeding the farm animals.

Overall, Ark Avilon Zoo is the best place to bring your children for some hands-on learning. It is also a good place to conduct a field trip for grade school kids.

Ark Avilon Zoo Admission Fee

Ark Avilon Zoo in Pasig is already closed.

Ark Avilon Zoo Opening Hours

Jan 2019 - After 11 years of operations, Ark Avilon Zoo's lease contract has expired. Its doors will now be closed and its animals will return to Avilon Zoo in Rodriguez, Rizal.

Why visit Ark Avilon Zoo?

Ark Avilon Zoo is the best place to have animal interaction without leaving Metro Manila. It has numerous interactive areas where you and your kids can touch, feed, and even have photos with animals. Because of that, it's a perfect field trip destination. 

Getting to Ark Avilon Zoo:

From Manila, ride the LRT going to Baclaran. Board down at EDSA Station and transfer to MRT going to Shaw Boulevard Station. 

Walk to EDSA Central Jeep Terminal and ride a jeepney to Ugong, Pasig. Board down at Tiendesitas and walk to Ark Avilon Zoo.


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  1. Sayang nagsara na to. Ang ganda pa naman nito at malapit sa bahay namin. Ang layo kasi ng Rodriguez, Rizal at Manila Zoo dito.

    1. True. Maganda ito sayang di na naabutan ng bunso ko.


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