Helicopter Island - Palawan

Located in El Nido in the Province of Palawan, Helicopter Island is one of the destinations of Tour C of the El Nido Island Hopping Tours. 

Helicopter Island 

Helicopter Island Details

Also known to locals as Dilumacad Island, Helicopter Island probably got its name from how it looks from a distance. Well true enough, as you can see in the picture above, it resembles a Eurocopter EC-665 Tiger HAD-E aircraft minus the rotors. 

Helicopter Island - El Nido, Palawan

You'd be shocked to discover that half of the visitors of the island are foreigners

Check out this fine white sand!

Upon closer inspection, the island boasts a beautiful white sand beach that stretches up to some 300-400 meters. There is also an underwater tunnel at its northern side and a reef on its southern side which you would be able to see if you snorkel. Aside from being a great place to snorkel (and sunbathe), Helicopter Island is also an ideal place for the family to have their picnic due to the fact that there are plenty of trees that offer shade for the visitors. Aside from that, the island offers a beautiful panoramic view of the nearby islands and also parts of El Nido's limestone cliffs. 

Snorkel or stroll... You'd enjoy whatever activity you choose

Just enjoy the sun and the view!

Check out the view from Helicopter Island!

During our visit, Helicopter Island was the second to the last destination for our mixed Tour A and C of El Nido's islands. That means we arrived in the afternoon and the heat of the sun was the least of our concern and the beach is not too crowded with visitors. What's great about Helicopter Island is that its waters are teeming with marine life. However, I feel quite disappointed that visitors are only limited to its beachside and it is impossible to walk around the island. There is also an area that is fenced off, which probably means it is privately owned. 

Team Nicerio visits Helicopter Island

Helicopter Island Admission Fee:

It's FREE to visit and explore Helicopter Island. However, you need to join El Nido's Tour C which costs around 1470 pesos per head

Why visit Helicopter Island?

Overall, Helicopter Island is still a must-visit site in El Nido due to its unique beauty. You could also take time to sunbathe here. Aside from that, you could also spend time snorkeling in the clear waters here.

Getting to Helicopter Island:

From Puerto Princesa City, ride a van heading to the town of El Nido. From there you can inquire about the island hopping tours from the multitude of tour service providers in the town. Avail TOUR C.

Helicopter Island as seen from a distance

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  2. Interesting name for an island. I wonder what other unique looking islands the Philippines have.

    1. There are several islands named Crocodile Island and also an island called Sombrero Island.


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