Miniloc Island - Palawan

Located in the middle of Bacuit Bay in El Nido in the province of Palawan, Miniloc Island is the main island to visit in Tour A of the El Nido Island Hopping Tour.

Miniloc Island

Miniloc Island Details

Despite having mostly a jagged coastline, with only pockets of white sand beaches, Miniloc Island is famously known for two of the most beautiful lagoons in the tours of El Nido. 

Miniloc Island - El Nido, Palawan

Inside Small Lagoon

The first one of these two is called Small Lagoon. It is a beautiful lagoon that is hidden behind two large gate-like limestone rocks. It is reachable by means of swimming or kayaking through the gap of the said rock. You can read more about this lagoon by clicking this link: Small Lagoon

The entrance of the famous Big Lagoon

The other lagoon is called Big Lagoon. It is famously known for its beautiful entrance and passageway that leads to the lagoon. One can't help but snap photos of the azure waterway in the middle of two towering craggy limestone cliffs. It's probably the perfect backdrop for anyone looking for the best profile picture. You can read more about this lagoon by clicking this link: Big Lagoon

On the way to Miniloc Island!

Check out those karst rock formations

It's perfect to kayak here the whole day!

Miniloc Island Admission Fee:

It's FREE to visit and explore Big Lagoon. However, you need to join TOUR A of the El Nido Tour Packages to visit Miniloc Island. TOUR A costs 1200 pesos.

Why visit Miniloc Island?

Overall, Miniloc Island is one of the best places to visit in El Nido if you want to spend the day kayaking. You might not be able to traverse the whole island by land but there is a possibility that you could go around it by boat. Then again if you want to see the beauty of the island, visiting Small Lagoon and Big Lagoon would do. 

Getting to Miniloc Island:

From Puerto Princesa City, ride a van going to El Nido (take note that it's a 5-hour trip). From there, you can avail of the island hopping tours being offered by the locals. If you want to visit Miniloc Island be sure to avail of Tour A.

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  1. Ang ganda! Sana makabisita rin ako diyan sa Miniloc Island in the future.

    1. Please include Miniloc Island in your itinerary. Mageenjoy ka for sure. =)


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