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Japan Diaries: Day 26

Day 26: January 13, 2015 (Final Day) Good morning Japan! It's a perfect day to go out on an adventure today. However, today marks our final day in Japan. Today also marks the saddest day of our stay here in this beautiful country.

Instead of going out, we just spent the remainder of the day packing up our baggage. Our tears started pouring as we put the last of our stuff in the luggage. As a matter of fact, one box of Kleenex couldn't stop the tear flowing from our eyes.

That afternoon, we bid farewell to Kameyama residence (I took pictures of the different parts of the house, particularly our room, as a remembrance). Mr. Toshi and his family drove us to Kansai International Airport. We found it very hard to say goodbye to the people who took care of us and treated us like family. As the hugs (and goodbyes) were exchanged, Mr. Toshi left us a promise that we could visit again anytime (and they'd bring us to more beautiful places).

As the view of Kansai International Airport gr…

Mount Kongo Ropeway - Osaka

Updated: July 2020 - Operation Suspended Due to Covid19
Located in Chihayaakasaka Village, Minamikawachi in Osaka Prefecture in Japan, Mt. Kongo Ropeway金剛山ロープウェイ; Mt. Kongōsan Rōpuwei ) is an aerial tramway that transports visitors to Mount Kongō and back.
Mount Kongo Ropeway HistoryThe ropeway is 1,323 meters long and gives a commanding view of Mount Kongō, Kansai International Airport, and Osaka Bay. It is owned by the village government and the line operation is entrusted to Gourmet Kineya. (Yup a restaurant company). 

Hiking Mount Kongo

Located in Minamikawachi Region, Osaka Prefecture in Japan, Mount Kongo orMount Kongō(金剛山;Kongōsan)is the tallest mountain in Osaka. 
Mt. Kongo Details:Height: 1,125 m
Major Trailhead: Chihayaakasaka, Osaka
Climb time: 5 minutes via ropeway, 2 hours hike

Mt. Kongostands 1,125 meters high. A large part of the mountain is located within the territory of Osaka Prefecture but its peak is located in Nara Prefecture.

The mountain is popular for hikers and non-hikers alike. For hikers, the mountain has about ten normally used hiking routes. It would take a hiker 2 to 3 hours to reach the peak depending on his pacing. Non-hikers, on the other hand, could ride the Mt.


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