Pasacao Beach - Camarines Sur

Located in the municipality of Pasacao in the province of Camarines Sur, Pasacao Beach is known for its long stretch of brownish sand and its crystal clear waters. 

Pasacao Beach

Pasacao Beach details

Pasacao Beach is rich not only in beauty but also in history. Little do people know that the beach played an important role during the Spanish colonial period.

Pasacao Beach - Pasacao, Camarines Sur

Pasacao Beach served as a Spanish port and also served both as a defense port against the Moro pirates and also as a trade port for the Galleon Trade. 

Perfect day to swim!

It didn't end there. Pasacao Beach was a silent witness to the different eras in the history of the country. From the Spanish Galleon Trade to the American occupation, World War 2, until the Post-Colonial era of the Philippines. Today, the port of Pasacao is still very much active. However, the tourism industry is still in its infancy. It's so rarely promoted that even my dad who lives in the region is unsure if there's something worth seeing there. That is until the beach was featured in a tourism segment of a popular news show.

There are numerous huts to rent at Pasacao Beach

Before we visited Pasacao Beach, my father tasked me to research the road conditions. He wanted to know if the road to the beaches is already developed. However, due to my love for adventure (and the unknown), I lied about researching it. I just said yes it is passable but deep in my heart I didn't have a clue. In defense of myself, there was actually no way that I could confirm if the roads are OK because no one even blogged about it. Lucky for me, the roads to Pasacao Beach are well paved minus some unfixed road bumps. We got to visit Pasacao Beach during our 2014 CamSur-Albay Road Trip.

Team Nicerio visits Pasacao Beach

When we reached the beach area, we actually had a hard time finding a resort or anything of that sort. There were plenty of rental huts but we were looking for something developed. I asked some locals and they told me of one resort but it was far off the road. So we settled on the first one that we'd see. We found a nameless resort and rented on hut anyway. To my amazement, the whole beach was actually lined up with similar hut-rental type resorts. I was also amazed to see that 99% of the bathers are actually locals. 

The Backpack Adventures visits Pasacao Beach

In my point of view, the local government of Pasacao should be more aggressive in promoting their attractions. For me, it would be unfair if they keep the beauty of Pasacao for themselves (hehe).

Welcome to Pasacao - The Summer Capital of Camarines Sur

Pasacao Beach Entrance Fee

It's FREE to visit and explore Pasacao Beach. However, if you're planning to stay longer, it's highly advisable to rent a hut in one of the many hut rentals along the beach. The huts cost 200 - 1000 pesos depending on where you are so make sure to inquire first. Aside from that, some resorts require a 10-50 pesos entrance fee.

Why visit Pasacao Beach? 

Pasacao Beach is one of the lesser-known tourist spots for foreigners and tourists coming from Manila hence the fewer crowds. The beach is very scenic and is surprisingly clean with crystal clear waters. You should include Pasacao Beach as a side trip destination if you're heading to Naga City or Albay Province. 

Getting to Pasacao Beach:

From Manila, ride a bus going to Naga City. Inform the conductor to drop you off at the Pasacao intersection. From there ride a jeepney that will bring you to Pasacao Port.

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  1. Sobrang init! Nakakamiss magbeach. Diyan kami laging tumatambay ng tropa.

    1. Bisita po ulit kayo. I hope kasing ganda parin ng dati ang Pasacao Beach. =)


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