Okazaki Shrine - Kyoto

Located at 51 Okazaki Higashitennocho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City in Kyoto Prefecture, Okazaki Shrine (岡崎神社) is a small Shinto shrine dedicated to the deities Susano-no-Mikoto and Kushinadahime-no-Mikoto and their children who are enshrined in this shrine.

Okazaki Shrine (岡崎神)

History of Okazaki Shrine

Susano-no-Mikoto is a well-known figure in Japanese mythology. He is known for saving Princess Kushinada from the monster Yamata no Orochi. Eventually, Susano-no-Mikoto and the princess married and they, along with their many children became deities and were enshrined in Okazaki Shrine and many other shrines in Japan. 

Okazaki Shrine Torii

Okazaki Shrine chozuya and lanterns

Okazaki Shrine history board

Miyashige Inari Jinja

Okazaki Shrine, formally called Higashi Tenno Okazaki, despite its relatively small precinct size, is actually one of the oldest in Kyoto. It was built around 1200 years ago during the time when the city was still known as Heian-kyo. 

Okazaki Shrine as seen from the entrance torii

Okazaki Shrine - Kyoto City

A closer look at Okazaki Shrine's Main Hall

Going to the back of Okazaki Shrine's Main Hall

Okazaki Shrine is credited for a lot of things like protecting the citizens and the Imperial family hence it is known as a shrine to go to if you want to ward off bad luck. Aside from that, the shrine is also associated with being a fertility shrine.

Okazaki Shrine Rabbits

Okazaki Shrine usagi statue

Usagi statue of Okazaki Shrine

Okazaki Shrine Shinsatsu nassho

Okazaki Shrine fortune slip inside the earthenware bunnies

Okazaki Shrine ema wooden plaques

A pair of usagi statues guarding the shrine

The Guardian bunny of Okazaki Shrine

Okazaki Shrine fertility usagi

Speaking of fertility, Okazaki Shrine is also associated with rabbits, which is one of the most prolific animals around. Since there are hundreds of usagi (rabbit) statues in the shrine vicinity, the shrine is often referred to as the Rabbit Shrine by many. Among the many who went to Okazaki Shrine to pray for a safe pregnancy is the wife of Emperor Takakura during the 12th century. 

I got to visit Okazaki Shrine with my brother during the 5th day of our 2019 Japan trip. The shrine was not actually part of our itinerary for the day but since we wanted to cover as many destinations and maximize our Kyoto City Bus One Day Pass, we boarded down at Okazaki Jinja Mae bus stop after exploring the nearby Heian Jinju Shrine. Since the shrine was small, probably the smallest we've visited this trip, it only took us a few minutes to explore the shrine grounds. 

Okazaki Shrine Admission Fee

It's good to note that there are no admission fees to enter and explore Okazaki Shrine grounds. 

Okazaki Shrine Opening Hours

Okazaki Shrine is open from 9AM to 5PM.

Why visit Okazaki Shrine?

Overall, if you're a fan of rabbits or you are plagued by bad luck, then I encourage you to visit Okazaki Shrine. Who knows, you might also get pregnant after (hahaha!).

Getting to Okazaki Shrine:


From Kyoto Station, ride bus #5 and board down at Higashitennocho bus stop. From there, walk about 180 meters to reach Okazaki Shrine.

Travel time: 42 minutes 
Fare: 230 yen

Overall rating


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