Todaiji Revisited 2019 - Nara

Nara Park was not the only place we revisited in Nara City during our 2019 Japan trip. We also got to revisit one of Japan's most famous temples - Todaiji (東大寺). 

Todaiji is Nara's largest wooden temple.
Todaiji (東大寺)

Todaiji Temple History:

For those who are not familiar with Todaiji, this temple was constructed in 752 and was the head temple of all Buddhist temples of Japan. However, what makes this temple stand out among the rest is its massive size. Todaiji held the record as the world's largest wooden building even if its 1692 reconstruction was only two-thirds of its original size.

Todaiji's giant gate also called Nandaimon or Great Southern Gate greets those who want to visit Todaiji

Check out this wooden board with Todaiji's history.

Todaiji's admission rates as of 2019

Aside from its massive size, Todaiji also houses a giant statue of Buddha also known as Daibutsu. This statue stands 15 meters tall and is one of Japan's largest Buddha statues.

Todaiji as seen from the ticket booth

Check out the size of Todaiji

When visiting the temple, don't miss out on crawling through the Buddha Nostril or the hole at the base of one of the temple's pillars. It was named as such because it was said that the hole was as big as the Todaiji Daibutsu's nostrils. It is believed that those who crawl through it will be granted enlightenment in their next life.

Todaiji Daibutsu

Check out the size of the Daibutsu

Surprise! There's another smaller Daibutsu inside the temple. It's the Kokuzo Bosatsu

Some of Todaiji's roof tiles with names of the donors

The Daibutsu infographics in Nihongo

Todaiji's miniature model

Todaiji's Komokuten

Here's where you can get your goshuin. Speaking of goshuin...

My wife, daughter, and I got to visit Todaiji for the first time during the 16th day of our 2014-2015 Japan Trip. We were blessed to get another chance to visit it again during the 3rd day of our 2019 Japan trip. What made our revisit memorable was that my parents and siblings were with us this time. Aside from that, this was also our first time traveling as a family. 

Ella was first to complete the challenge

Go, mommy!


Check out the video of Buddha Nostril challenge completion of Ella:

During our visit to Todaiji, I did not miss out on the chance to "challenge" my family into crawling through the Buddha Nostril. My daughter showed everybody how it was done since she was a "veteran" from our 2014-2015 Japan Trip. My siblings and wife said that they were game to try, however, as expected, my parents declined. Both my sister and brother easily crawled through the pillar. I had a bit of a challenge this time as I got a bit "healthier" since the last visit, I now needed to shed my winter attire to successfully accomplish the task. My wife and who didn't try this out during our first visit became the highlight of this challenge. She needed some motivation before she finally tried it out. Well, to cut the story short she managed to prove to everyone that she's still as sexy as ever. 

Team Nicerio in Todaiji:

Todaiji Entrance Fee:

500 yen for the Great Buddha Hall
800 yen for the joint ticket to Great Buddha Hall and Todaiji Museum

Todaiji Opening Hours:

Todaiji's Great Buddha Hall is open from 7:30AM - 5:30 PM. However, the temple grounds around it are always open.

Why Visit Todaiji?

Todaiji is one of the must-visit destinations in Nara. If you aim to visit every UNESCO World Heritage site in Japan then don't miss this one out if you're visiting the city. Aside from that this temple is also the largest wooden temple in Japan. Todaiji also houses the world's largest bronze Buddha statue. So basically, there is little to no reason not to visit Todaiji. 

Getting to Todaiji:


From Nara Station's East Gate, ride bus #2 / 55/ 61/ 62 and board down at Todaiji Daibutsuden bus stop. From there, walk towards the temple. 
Fare: 220 yen
Travel time: 14 minutes 

Overall ratings


  1. What a beautiful temple. Love seeing history like this.

  2. I love your colourful and interesting posts. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing!!! Nice place and lovely pictures.

  4. Wow this place looks super cool and full of history. I would love to visit one day.

    1. Yes Todaiji is a very historic temple. You should come visit someday.

  5. Wow, very intresting place. Love your photos.

  6. This place looks like a fun filled educational place to visit. Looks amazing.

    1. Thanks! Todaiji is really an educational and fun filled place to visit.

  7. One of the AMAZING things that I've seen in Japan (in general) were the guardians in Todaiji temple. It's actually a favorite. I like places that are rich in history though MOST places in Japan are (and were refurbished). BUT looking at the Todaiji's gate, you can tell that it's been there for centuries.

    PS: Natatawa talaga ako sa struggle picture mo. HAHAHA!

    1. Hahaha. Struggle is real talaga ako dito. Hahaha kaya todo workout ako ngayong quarantine. Next bisita ko diyan para na akong pisi na papasok sa sinulid. hahah.

      PS. Wala paring tatalo sa Europe trip mo haha


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