Kimono Forest Revisited 2019 - Kyoto

It was only last May 2018 that my wife, daughter, and I visited Kyoto's Kimono Forest for the first time. We were accompanied there by our friend Gil who's residing in Kyoto. For me, Kimono Forest is a magical place, particularly at night. 

Kimono Forest

Kimono Forest Details:

For those who don't know Kimono Forest is a collection of cylinder-shaped pillars with beautiful Kimono designs. These are located at the Arashiyama Station of the Keifuku Randen Tram Arashiyama LIne in Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City, in Kyoto Prefecture. 

Kimono Forest - Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

Walking through the Kimono Forest

My mom seems to be enjoying her visit to the Kimono Forest

Kimono Forest History

Installed in 2013 during the station's renovation, these 600+ kimono-designed cylinders stand about 2 meters high creating that mini-forest feel. What I like about the Kimono Forest is that there are no entrance fees. Surprisingly, it's also not that crowded despite the droves of tourists in the area. Well, they are probably busy shopping or are all flocking to Arashiyama's more famous forest- the Arashiyama Bamboo GroveTo fully appreciate Kimono Forest, I highly recommend that you visit at night when the kimono-designed cylinders are all lit up.
The Randen Arashiyama Station

Check out how beautiful the Randen Arashiyama Station is.

The Randen tram is a perfect transport to bring you to and from the Arashiyama district

The Kimono Forest adds beauty to the rather dull Randen station.

I'm happy to share that I got to revisit this place again with my wife and daughter during the 2nd day of our 2019 Japan trip. However, what made our latest visit more memorable was the fact that we were joined by my parents and siblings this time and this was also my first international trip with them. 

My family posing at the Pond of Dragon

The Pond of Dragon installation

Team Nicerio at Kimono Forest:

Team Nicerio revisiting Kimono Forest

Kimono Forest Admission Fee:

Kimono Forest is FREE to explore. So what are you waiting for? Add it to your itinerary. 

Kimono Forest Opening Hours:

Kimono Forest is open 24 hours. However, in my opinion, the best time to visit is late in the afternoon or at night time.

Why visit Kimono Forest?

Although there is really nothing much to do in Kimono Forest, a visit to this magical place at night with your loved ones would surely create amazing memories. So don't miss this out when you are in Arashiyama. Aside from that, it's free from any admission fees, so why not grab the opportunity?

Getting to Kimono Forest: 

From Kyoto Station, walk about 230 meters to Shimogyoku Sogo Chosha mae and ride bus #28 to Arashiyama Tenryuji made. From there, walk for about 130 meters to Randen Arashiyama Station where the Kimono Forest is located. 
Travel Time: 40 -45 minutes
Fare: 230 yen.

Another option is to ride the San-In Line in Kyoto Station and ride the train to Saga-Arashiyama Station. From there, walk for about 600 meters to Randen Arashiyama Station where the Kimono Forest is located.
Travel Time: 20-25 minutes
Fare: 240 yen.



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  1. I love your photos. Super colorful. We are scheduled to visit Japan this year but because of the pandemic situation we had to booked next year.

    1. I hope you could include Kimono Forest to your itinerary when your trip pushes through.

  2. Great information and pictures! It's definitely on my bucketlist!

  3. I love Kyoto so much. I also want to witness this festival when we go back to Japan someday. <3

  4. Your trip sounds amazing and your pictures are beautiful

  5. You know, I been to Kyoto so many times but not here. I think I need to go here for a day trip!

  6. Wow this looks amazing! The photos are truly inspiring.

  7. So cool! I would love to go to this "forest"! I loved Japan when I went, I always say I wanted to go back.

    1. Please do include Kimono Forest when you visit Japan. :)

  8. I'm so glad you posted about this! I was hoping to see more pictures of the Kimono Forest, and you delivered. Love it!

    1. Thank you Shelley. I do hope you get to visit someday.

  9. Wow! This looks so interesting and colourful. Nice pictures too.

  10. The place looks lovely and also makes me sad. Not sure when will I travel again freely in a post covid world.!

    1. Same here. I always made it a point to pray for the end of this pandemic. I would really love to travel again.

  11. This looks amazing! Japan is at the top of my bucket list- can't wait to be able to visit! Your photos are beautiful, thank you so much for posting!

    1. You're welcome Jessica. Please do visit the Kimono Forest when you do.

  12. Thank you for showing such a picturesque place to visit (and how to get to).

  13. Heeeeeeey! Last year, I had a two-hour walk around Arashiyama area how come I didn't see the this?! *grumbles* The Kimono Forest looks Instagramable! Like even if you pose anywhere and it'll still look amazing! I can't believe I missed this place (as well as Tenryuji and Nijo Castle). Thanks for making me feel like a crap researcher! Hahahahah! Kidding! I can't wait to visit Kyoto again! 😁 Amazing shots as always, Neil-san!

    1. Hahaha it only means you'd have to revisit Kyoto again Polly-san.
      I also missed a lot of places during our last visit. I hope to revisit again after this pandemic. :) Would love to check out O'hara area.

  14. Yes, I want to revisit it too. For the first time I visited it with a bunch of my friends...


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