Splash Island - Laguna

Located at Southwoods Ecocentrum, Binan City in the province of Laguna, Splash Island is the largest leisure water park in the Philippines to date. 

Splash Island

Splash Island Details:

Currently managed by Global Gutz Parks Philippines, Incorporated, Splash Island has been in operation now for more than a decade. Since then it has been one of the most famous summer destinations for those living at the south end of Metro Manila and its surrounding provinces.

Splash Island here we come!

Keep in mind not to bring outside food and drinks

Ella ready for her next big adventure

Splash Island boasts several water-based attractions that are designed to give visitors a thrilling and memorable adventure. However, please keep in mind that each attraction is open only on a specific time so better check out the attractions and their schedules below:

Splash Island Map with the attraction schedules on the left side

Balsa River

Balsa River 8AM - 5PM = This is the only attraction that is open the whole day. Visitors can ride inflatables and lazily float around the park via this man-made river.

Water Wahoo

Water Wahoo 9AM - 12NN / 2PM - 5PM = This attraction is designed for kids. The shallow pool is made exciting by its water-spewing centerpiece. 

The Curl of the Orient

Curl of the Orient 12NN - 2PM = Another attraction designed for kids, This water slide attraction is where kids 4-feet and above can ride an inflatable down one of the four slides to the pool below. 

Agos Grande

Agos Grandes 9AM - 10:30 / 1:30PM - 2:30PM / 4:30PM - 5PM = This attraction is a giant wave pool with a "ninja warrior"-like inflatable at its deep end.

King Pilipit

King Pilipit 12NN-1:30PM / 3:30 - 4:30PM = This attraction is a water slide where one goes inside a tunnel as if he/she was sucked into a twisting and turning tube going to the pool below. 

Big Bamboo

Big Bamboo 10:30AM-12NN / 2:30-3:30PM = This attraction is fairly similar to the King Pilipit however, one has to ride an inflatable which could also accommodate two people.  

Tausug Trails

Tausug Trails 10:30AM-12NN / 2:30-3:30PM = This attraction is very similar to the Big Bamboo however, you start from the highest part of the slide platform down to the pool below. 

Rio Montanosa

Rio Montanosa 12NN-1:30PM / 3:30PM - 4:30PM = This attraction is the only attraction where a group of three to five people could ride an inflatable down a slide down to the pool below. 

Magellan's Drop

Magellan's Drop 12NN - 1:30PM / 3:30 - 4:30PM = This attraction is probably the most popular of all attractions in Splash Island. One would slide down a steep slide face fists while riding a rubber slide pad. It's perfect for my adrenaline junkie. 

Despite being a water park, you will be surprised to see that there are actually no pools here where you can swim laps. The closest to this is the Agos Grande. However, it gets pretty crowded during the peak season and all you could do here is to bob along with the hundreds of other people who are also bobbing along with the waves. 

Splash Island entrance fee for one-day tickets*:

Adults = P500
Children = P400

Splash Island Binan City, Laguna

*This one-day ticket entitles guests to unlimited use of all attractions in the waterpark. 

My family and I were lucky to be able to avail the P199 promo in MetroDeal which was perfectly timed for my daughter's 6th birthday. I say it was totally a steal as there were only a handful of people during our visit and the three of us managed to get in the waterpark for the price of one adult +P100. We managed to ride all the attractions not only once but multiple times. 

Whoa! A land shark

Gotta love our experience here.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Keep your stuff safe by renting a locker

  1. Splash Island is open 8AM - 5PM daily. However, this extends during the peak season.
  2. It is prohibited to bring food inside the waterpark as they encourage you to order food in the food stalls inside the park.
  3. Although optional, you can rent cottages in the park. Prices range from P1000-P3000. 
  4.  If you want to swim without worrying about your valuables, then rent a locker at the locker rentals. The cabinet type locker costs P100 while the large box in P200. Aside from the person in charge of the area, there is also a CCTV in operation.
  5. When going out of the park, make sure that the guard or park attendant stamps you. Aside from that, make sure that you have your ticket with you as well. You will present it upon re-entry. Lastly, guests can only be allowed to go out and re-enter the park once. 

You can rent one of the huts here...

Splash Island Opening Hours:

Splash Island is open from 8AM to 5PM every day.

Why visit Splash Island?

Overall, Splash Island is pure fun and it's safe to say that people of all ages would find enjoyment in it one way or the other, it surely won't be the last time that we'd visit it. However, if you want to enjoy the park as we did, you have to schedule your visit during the off-season as there are only a handful of visitors during this time. 

Getting to Splash Island:

The best way to reach Splash Island is by car. From Manila, head to South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and then take the Southwoods exit. From the toll gate, cross the intersection and continue straight, you will pass by the rotunda. Continue straight until you see Splash Island which is around 100m from the said rotunda.

Overall rating


  1. Nice! Perfect location to spend summer days.

    1. That's true! Splash Island is really one of those summer getaway spots near the Metro.

  2. This looks like paradise for kids!

  3. I heard of this! But didn't get a chance to visit. i hope i can bring my kids there next time I go to the Philippines

    1. Your kids would surely enjoy Splash Island Carmen. =)

  4. This looks fun! The Balsa River is more my league. lol

  5. This definitely looks like fun. I would certainly bring my family here to have fun. Love amusement parks.

  6. Wow this eater park looks so cool! I bet you had the best time as a family!

    1. I had. You should come visit and enjoy the water slides as well.

  7. woww!! is it real ?? !! seems i m travelling in my fairy tales story island !!
    thanks for sharing such a beautiful post

  8. I love water parks! I haven't been to one for a few years, though. This place looks really fun.

    1. It is. Splash Island is one of the best water parks in the Philippines.

  9. OMG! This really looks like a fun water park. My son would love it!

  10. Hi there! Sure. Please do contact me through my email. Thank you!

  11. Funny thing coz I haven't visited yet this waterpark! OMG you gave me an awesome idea :D

    1. Please come visit Blair. You'd love Splash Island. =)


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