Kyoto Umekoji Monuments Street - Kyoto

Located around Umekoji Park and Kyoto Station, Kyoto-Umekoji Monument Street is a project that promotes walking around the park and the Kyoto Station areas.

Kyoto-Umekoji Monument Street

Kyoto Umekoji Monuments Street Details

The Kyoto Umekoji Monuments Street is a part of the Kyoto Umekoji Minnaga Tsunagaru Project which started in February 2015 under the initiative of the Council for  Area Development and Management of Kyoto-Umekoji. Its main purpose is to create a vibrant atmosphere and improve the convenience of strolling around the Kyoto Umekoji Area. As its name implies, Kyoto-Umekoji Monument Street is a series of mini-monuments scattered around the walking route from Kyoto Station then through and around Umekoji Park, and then back to Kyoto Station again.

Here are the monuments that we saw on our 2018 visit:

Eco-chan- The city's environmental mascot

South American Fur Seal

W7 Series Shinkansen

Chin-chin-densha (retro streetcar of Kyoto)

Kyo-chan and Miyako-kun

Twilight (the pioneer luxury sleeper express)

Green turtle

Roundhouse Platform

Here are the monuments that we saw on our 2019 visit:

African Penguins

SL Yoshitsune

During our visit last May 2018, there were a total of 41 monuments around "Monuments Street". 23 of these are found in the walking route while 18 are at Umekoji Park. The various monuments feature railways, aquatic life, and Kyoto City character motifs. 

You can check out the Monuments Street map below:

Map from Kyoto-Umekoji Minnaga Tsunagaru Project Official Website

Click here for the list of monuments

I found out about Kyoto Umekoji Monument Street during my visit to Umekoji Park with my family on the 5th day of our 2018 Japan trip. I got a very detailed brochure and a map of it in the Kyoto Aquarium. This made me very interested and since we were waiting for our friend to arrive, my daughter and I decided to hunt for these monuments. The first one that we found was in front of the Kyoto Aquarium. Sadly, we only got to see and take photos of 8 of these monuments due to time constraints.


My daughter and I managed to find 2 more during our 2019 Japan Trip

Why look for the Kyoto Umekoji Monuments?

Overall, Kyoto Umekoji Monuments Street creates additional fun and adventure for those walking around Kyoto Station and Umekoji Park. Thanks to it, my daughter and I had a fun bonding moment looking for the said monuments and despite failing to find them all, we just found a brand new reason to come back to Kyoto someday. Something, that I'm looking forward to doing someday soon.

Getting to Kyoto Umekoji Monument Street:

There is no particular order in looking for the monuments but I suggest that you begin either at Kyoto Station or Umekoji Park.

Overall rating


  1. Your 8 pictures of monuments was enough to let me know how spectacular that park is!

  2. That looks like a wonderful place to walk.

    1. It is. =) You'd probably see me here everyday if I reside here.

  3. It's gret to see street art that has not been ruined or vandalised! Living in London anything like this would be affected soon after it is installed.

  4. Kyoto Umekoji Monument street sounds like a place for fun and adventure. I might visit it someday with my family. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Looks like such a fun activity for the kids! I would love to visit Kyoto because it looks so clean!

  6. Looks like a fun place to be and looks like you guys really had fun and enjoyed your visit. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  7. this looks interesting. and you daughter is super cute!

  8. I never went to this park (and I only been to parts of Kyoto about three times). Seems very interesting!

    1. You should visit this place next time you go to Kyoto. =)

  9. Very lovely sharing, it ponders me to think & recall my Kyoto travel too. Yet to been to this street & thanks for sharing it :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  10. Awww, she looks like she had a lovely time! I, too, enjoyed Kyoto a lot when I was there.


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