Sentosa Island - Singapore

Located in the Southern part of Singapore, Sentosa Island is a popular island resort of the country that is visited by millions of local and foreign tourists annually. 

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island Details

The island was once known as Pulau Belakang Mati. The island was fortified by the British in the 1880s because of its strategic location in terms of protecting the passage into Keppel Harbour. By the 1930s, the island was already heavily fortified and was the base of the Royal Artillery. 

Sentosa Island - Singapore

Resorts World - Sentosa Island

Despite heavy defenses, Sentosa Island fell to the Japanese during the Second World War. It was then turned into a prisoner of war (POW) camp for the Australian and British POWs in 1942. The island was returned to British rule after the surrender of the Japanese in 1945. It was then transformed into a military training ground for locally enlisted men from Singapore. 

Check out the Sentosa Island map

The island was handed over to the newly independent Government of Singapore in 1967. It was used as the base for the Singapore Naval Volunteer Force. It was in the 1970s when the government decided to develop it into a holiday resort. The island was then renamed Sentosa in 1972. The word sentosa means peace and tranquility in Malay.

Where do you want to go?

Since then, the government invested heavily in improving the island's attractions and transportation sector. This made the island the top destination for the tourists of Singapore. 

Places to visit on Sentosa Island:

Universal Studios Singapore

Sentosa Merlion

Sentosa Cable Car

Fort Siloso

Fort Siloso Skywalk

The Maritime Experiential Museum

Lake of Dreams

Festive Walk

Madame Tussaud's Singapore

Sentosa Butterfly Park

Siloso Beach

I got to visit Sentosa Island with my family during our 2017 Singapore -Malaysia Tour. I could attest that the island was truly a fun place to visit not only for kids but even for adults. 

Sentosa Island Admission Fee:

It is FREE to enter and explore Sentosa Island, however, you will be required to pay different admission fees to the different attractions on the island. 

Sentosa Island Operating Hours: 

The island is open every day even on holidays. However, the attractions, stores, and restaurants on the island have varying operating hours. Although most of these open from 9AM-10PM daily.

Why visit Sentosa Island?

Sentosa Island is one of Singapore's main tourist destinations. It contains most of the tourist attractions in the country like Universal Studios SG, Madame Tussaud's Singapore, Maritime Experiential Museum, Siloso Beach, and many more. A day on the island would surely be not enough to visit all these.

Getting to Sentosa Island:

Get there by monorail train (Sentosa Express)...

...or by bus

From Changi International Airport, ride a train going to Tanah Merah Station. From there, transfer to a train heading for Joo Koon. Transfer again to the North-East Line at Outram Park Station. Board down at Harbourfront Station and walk towards the bus station or transfer to the Sentosa Express. (Better yet cross the bridge by foot).

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  1. hi

    nyc write up , interesting to know how frm being a place of war made by mankind it was turned into a place of peace again by mankind .



    1. Yes that's true. From the ruins of war rose the island of adventure and fun.
      Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. I loved going through Sentosa through you pictures. I have heard and read so much about Sentosa earlier that it feels like second home but your pics are a journey in itself! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much Ambuj! =)
      Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. We went here two years ago and the cable car ride to Sentosa was worth the heat!

    1. Hi Carlo. That's true but I feel that it is quite overrated. Hehehe

  4. When I lived in Bali, I used to visit Singapore on a regular basis, I don't I ever went down to Sentosa Island though, however reading through this post I wish I did. Well next time I'm in Singapore I will know where to go :D

    1. I envy you. I wish I could visit Singapore on a regular basis too. =) Probably I'd change my profession to the one that gives out a larger salary. If I do I'd head to Bali too.

  5. I went to Sentosa Island during my Singapore trip too, but I only visited Universal Studios. I remember having so much fun there, pretty much how I reacted when I went to Universal Studios in Japan. I have every intention to go back to Sentosa when I revisited Singapore. There is still so much to explore there.

    1. I haven't visited Universal Studios Singapore though. That makes me want to revisit Sentosa Island again. =)

  6. Sentosa island is so pretty. I always longed to visit Singapore because of their amazing Changi airport. Now I have another place from Singapore added to the list :)

    1. That's true. Changi Airport in itself is already a tourist spot. How I wish I could have explored it more. Sadly we arrived at around midnight.

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