Clarke Quay - Singapore

Located upstream from the mouth of the Singapore River and Boat Quay and within the Singapore River Planning Area, Clarke Quay is a historical riverside quay in Singapore that has become quite famous to tourists for its nightlife and food. 

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay History

Clarke Quay and the street next to it -Clarke Street, was named after Sir Andrew Clarke. He was Singapore's second governor who was known for playing a key role in making Singapore a major port among the Malay colonies in the late 17th century. It played a huge part in the prosperity of Singapore during colonial times. 

Clarke Quay - Singapore

Warehouses were built in Clarke Quay for the tons of goods that were transported daily from the commercial center in Boat Quay. However, it was during this time that the Singapore River became heavily polluted. Because of this, the government decided to relocate the cargo services to a new modern facility in Pasir Panjang in the 20th century, and because of this Clarke Quay suddenly became irrelevant.
Cross the bridge and check out what's on the other side

Try shopping for souvenirs in some of the stores...

or go food tripping in one of the numerous restaurants here

Enjoy the nightlife in Clarke Quay

Try visiting Riverside Point too

Singapore River was cleaned up from 1977 until 1987. Clarke Quay was then restored and was turned into a flourishing commercial and entertainment area which is what it is known today. Presently, Clarke Quay's famous for its riverfront dining areas attracts thousands of visitors annually making it one of Singapore's top tourist destinations.

Try this place out - Jumbo Seafood

Choose from the wide array of seafood

Including this phallic-looking shellfish

I got to visit Clarke Quay with my family during our 2017 Singapore-Malaysia Tour. We were invited by our close friends who were also on a vacation in Singapore to have dinner with them in one of the riverside restaurants. Overall, Clarke Quay is a great place to visit especially for those who are looking for a place to go on a food trip. It's great to visit it at night when the lights add drama to its already attractive atmosphere. 

Team Nicerio with the awesome Camasura family at Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay Admission Fee:

It's FREE to enter and explore Clarke Quay. However, it is highly recommended to bring cash so that you could enjoy the nightlife and food here.  

Why visit Clarke Quay?

Clarke Quay is one of those places in Singapore that is alive at night. There is plenty of food and restaurants that are open during this time. You would surely want to try exploring the place until dawn. 

Getting to Clarke Quay:

Ride the North-East MRT train and board down at Clark Quay Station. From the station, Clark Quay is a 5-minute walk away.


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