Aquino Ancestral House - Tarlac

Located in A. Luna Street, corner Timbol Street the town of Concepcion in the province of Tarlac, Aquino Ancestral House is an old Pre-war mansion owned by the (highly political) Aquino clan. 

Aquino Ancestral House

Aquino Ancestral House History

The Aquino clan, as most of us know, is a political clan known for producing generations of politicians. The most famous (and last occupant of the house) is Benigno Aquino Jr. also called Ninoy by most. He is the senator turned martyr during the Marcos regime. His wife would then become the 11th President of the Philippines after his assassination and the subsequent  EDSA People Power Revolution that toppled Marcos from his seat of power. Several decades later his son Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III would become the 15th President of the Philippines.

Aquino Ancestral House - Concepcion, Tarlac

The house is surprisingly well maintained

Aquino Ancestral House NHI Marker

The beautiful maiden in the garden

Check out the rooms in the house...

Going back to the Aquino Ancestral House, it was built sometime in the mid-1930s and was completed in 1938. The house was said to be designed by an architect from Laguna but the construction was heavily supervised by Benigno Aquino Sr. (dad of Ninoy) also called Apung Igno. He is also a politician and as a matter of fact, served as Speaker of the National Assembly of the Second Philippine Republic. Sadly, he is also known for being a collaborator to the Japanese during the Second World War. 

That's the room of Ninoy's parents

Second-floor altar and prayer area

The pink tub

Check out the sala of the Aquino Ancestral House

The architectural design of the house is somewhat European inspired and is similar to those prewar houses of the rich farmland barons of Iloilo and Sariaya, Quezon. The interior of the house is made from wood, Narra to be exact (the material itself shows the owner's wealth). The furniture too is made from fine wood, crafted by the great woodcarvers of Betis, Pampanga.

The "office"

My favorite part of the house is its "office". Probably used by Apung Ignu,  it has a "presidential office" feel to it and reminds me of the Presidential Office in Malacanang. 

Biography of Benigno Aquino Sr.

I never knew that Jollibee is a member of the clan

Upon going out of the house via the main entrance, one would see and pass by the grand porch and the neo-classical columns of the house. You would also find yourself looking at the lawn with a fountain that surely has seen better days. One can also imagine President Noynoy Aquino and his siblings running around and playing tag there.

Team Nicerio and family visits Aquino Ancestral House

Overall, one should find time to visit the Aquino Ancestral House when passing in the town of Concepcion. It might not be as old as the houses in Vigan, Taal, and Pila but one would still see for himself the old home of the two people in your P500 bill. 

Aquino Ancestral House Entrance Fee

One has to pay an entrance fee of 100 pesos for adults and 20 pesos for students to enter the Aquino Ancestral House.

Why visit Aquino Ancestral House?

Aquino Ancestral House is a must-visit when you are in the town of Concepcion in Tarlac. It's a nice place to get to know more about the lives of Ninoy Aquino, his parents, and their clan

Getting to Aquino Ancestral House:

From Cubao, ride a bus going to Tarlac. Inform the conductor to drop you off at the town of Concepcion. Travel time is 2-3 hours. Once in Concepcion, the ancestral house is just a few blocks walk away from the church.


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