First Timer's Guide to Philippine Passport Application

First Timer's Guide to Philippine Passport Application

Finally, you have decided to see the world... However, before booking a flight or applying for a visa, keep in mind that you need to have that one document that would allow you to travel abroad.

First Timer's Guide to Philippine Passport Application

Readers meet the Philippine passport...

My Philippine Passport

The Philippine (PH) Passport is an important travel document that certifies one of his identity and nationality. It is issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs or DFA. There are three types of PH Passports which are often referred to by their colors, red (official), blue (diplomatic), and maroon (regular). 

The Philippine Passport types

The red (official) is issued to members of the Philippine government for use on official business. the blue (diplomatic) is issued to members of the Philippine diplomatic service, while the maroon (regular) is the one issued to any Filipino citizen applying for a PH passport. Now, here's a guide for first-time applicants, so that they could get their own little maroon booklet.

The Philippine Passport's awesome 1st page

First-time applicants should follow these easy steps in order for them to get their own PH passport. Read on...

1. Prepare documents and compile these in an envelope or document file folder. 

Here are the main documents that you need:
  • At least 1 valid picture ID. Here's the link for the list of acceptable IDs
  • At least 2 of these supporting documents issued one year prior to the application. Here's the link for the list of acceptable supporting documents
  • Original copy of your National Statistics Office (NSO) birth certificate. You can order here.
  • Confirmed appointment form (to be discussed later)
Here's a printable file for first-time applicant requirements. 

2. Google the DFA site nearest you. 

This will help you identify the potential problems like traffic, road conditions, and parking space that might hinder you from arriving on time. This will also be the location that you will input in your online application. Here's the link to help you locate the DFA site nearest you.

3. Go to DFA online and schedule an appointment.

Be sure to fill in the details of the application form correctly. Don't forget to double-check before submitting the details. Keep in mind that there is a limit on the slots per day so expect that you can't schedule an appointment within the week (sometimes within the month too). After submitting your online application, wait for an email containing your reference number and the printable copy of your application form. Print the said form and include it in your document file folder. 

4. Arrive early and bring cash.

On your appointment date, arrive at least 30 minutes earlier from your scheduled appointment. Be mindful of the dress code. Aside from that, no chaperones are allowed for applicants 18 years old and above, and also don't forget to bring cash for the photocopy fee and processing fee. 

The regular processing fee is P950. Your passport will be available in 14 working days.* 
"Express" processing fee is P1200. Your passport will be available in 7 working days.*

You also have the option to have your passport delivered to your home by paying at the Delivery Counter.

*Updated 2020

5. Follow the procedures.

  • Present your application form and all your prepared documents at the Application Counter.
  • Sit in line and wait for your turn to have your documents verified. They may require some documents to be photocopied.
  • Sit in line again and wait for your turn to pay the fees at the Passport Enrollment Section.
  • After paying the required fee, go to the Encoding Section. Make sure that you look good because this is where your photo will be taken. Aside from that your biometric information will also be taken here. 
Now, we are ready to travel abroad! Let's go!

Congratulations, you just finished the necessary procedures in applying for your very own PH passport!
  • Oh, wait, before I forget... You may choose to have your passport delivered to your home by paying an additional fee at the Delivery Counter, but this is optional and you may just choose to pick up your passport at the DFA office on the specified date given to you.


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