Bay Church - Laguna

Located in the municipality of Bay (pronounced ba-eh) in Laguna, Bay Church is one of the many old Spanish-era churches of the province. 

Bay Church

Bay Church history

Also known as St. Augustine Parish Church, Bay Church was first constructed along the shore of Laguna de Bay sometime in 1571. It was built using light materials like canes and nipa. The construction of the first church was supervised by Augustinian friars led by Fr. Martin de Rada. Bay Church then became a parish on April 30, 1578.

Bay Church - Bay, Laguna

Bay Church facade

Bay Church NHI Marker

Bay Church interior

Inside the mini chapel of the Bay Church

Bay Church altar

The administration of the town of Bay including the church was transferred to the Franciscans on November 23, 1737. The small wooden church was then transferred to its present site in the town proper afterward. In 1804, Bay Church was reconstructed and this time stone and wood were used as the primary construction material. The church construction was then finally finished in 1864.

A view of the interior of Bay Church from the altar

Sadly, the powerful earthquake of 1880 greatly damaged the roofing of Bay Church. This tragedy brought the locals together and they immediately acted to rebuilt the church. However, the church was heavily damaged again during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines in World War 2. It took almost a decade, in 1953 to be exact, when the church was rebuilt in the efforts of Fr. Alejandro Vermorel.

One of the stained glass windows of Bay Church

Bay Church was the first church that we visited during our Laguna-Quezon Visita Iglesia. I could say that the church is well maintained and its facade still has the old Spanish-era feel. We didn't stay long in the church though. We just had three Stations of the Cross there because we're afraid that we might be caught up in traffic later on in our trip.

The Kapilya ni San Agustin

An old photo of Bay Church

Bay Church Admission Fee

It's FREE to enter and explore Bay Church and its grounds.

Bay Church Mass Schedule

Bay Church Mass Schedule 

Why visit Bay Church?

Overall, Bay Church is a must-include in any itinerary for those who are planning to go on a pilgrimage or Visita Iglesia in the province of Laguna. It's one of the historic churches of the province. 

Getting to Bay Church:

From Cubao, ride an HM Transport bus heading to Sta. Cruz Laguna. It will pass Bay so don't forget to remind the conductor to drop you off at the bus stop where you could catch a trike that will bring you to the old church. 

If you're near LRT Taft, you might want to ride a Green Star Bus going the same route as the one previously mentioned.



  1. Isa ito sa mga gusto kong balikang simbahan. Nag Visita Iglesia kami diyan noong 2012 at 2017.

    1. Nice naman po. Nakakamiss din mag Visita Iglesia. =)


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