Corregidor Island Lighthouse - Cavite

Located in the Topside sector in Corregidor Island in the province of Cavite, Corregidor Island Lighthouse was a Spanish-built structure built to guide ships through the dangerous entrance of Manila Bay. It is also referred to as the Old Spanish Lighthouse of Corregidor.

Corregidor Island Lighthouse

Corregidor Island Lighthouse details

Corregidor Island Lighthouse - Corregidor Island, Cavite

Built under the Royal Order of the Spanish Government in 1846, the Corregidor Island Lighthouse was finally completed seven years later in 1853. This makes the lighthouse in Corregidor Island and the one in Caballo Island the second oldest lighthouse established in the Philippines after the lighthouse at the mouth of Pasig River.

Corregidor Island Lighthouse

You can actually go up Corregidor Island Lighthouse

Here's the view from the top of Corregidor Island Lighthouse

A peek from the cross

Corregidor Island Lighthouse was built on the highest point of the island giving it a good vantage point of the province of Bataan and the entrance of Manila Bay. The lighthouse is measured 60 feet from its base to the top of the wind vane. All in all the tower stands 639 feet above sea level.

Corregidor Island Lighthouse is seen from a distance

After years of service, it was only during the time of the Americans in 1902 that Corregidor Island Lighthouse was repaired and restored. It was repainted gray in 1903 and was later painted white in 1920.

Sundown view from the top of Corregidor Island Lighthouse

When the Japanese invaded the Philippines on December 8, 1941, the lighthouses on Corregidor, Caballo, and Monja Island were shut down as part of the American defense plan. Corregidor Island Lighthouse was then used by the Navy to facilitate the entrance of submarines carrying supplies and ammunition for the troops on the island. The lighthouse was damaged during an air raid by the Japanese but was still fully functional after. Sadly, it was totally
 destroyed by the Americans during the retaking of Corregidor.

You wanna know how far you are from your country?

Corregidor Island Lighthouse was rebuilt in the 1950s using some of the original stones from the ruins. However, the architectural design was modified and restructured. Today, the base of the lighthouse houses a museum dedicated to the lighthouse while around the vicinity of the lighthouse are souvenir shops for the island's tourists.

I got to visit Corregidor Island Lighthouse during the 2013 Father and Son Camping of my Grade 4 class. It was such a fun experience as I have explored it with my young students and we got to see a place that I have been talking about in my lessons. 

Corregidor Island Lighthouse Entrance Fee

It's FREE to enter Corregidor Island Lighthouse. 

Corregidor Island Operating Hours

The Corregidor Island Lighthouse is usually open 24/7 but tours going to the lighthouse are usually until 6PM only

Why visit Corregidor Island Lighthouse?

Corregidor Island Lighthouse is one of the historical landmarks on the island of Corregidor. You should check out the small museum that it houses and also go up to its viewing area and see parts of the island from a different vantage point.

Getting to Corregidor Island Lighthouse:

Unless you hire a yacht (which is very expensive) or go to Bataan and rent a fishing boat to bring you to the island (which is tiring if you're from Manila), there is no other way to get to the island but through Sun Cruises.

Sun Cruises dominated, or let me say captured the tourism market for Corregidor. The good thing about it is that they have daily trips to the island.

Sun Cruises

The way to Corregidor is by a Sun Cruise ferry that leaves Manila once a day from Sun Cruise Terminal in Esplanade Seaside Terminal in Pasay City. Boarding time is 07:00 AM, and the estimated time of departure is 07:30. They are very punctual with their schedule, and being even slightly late will result in the cancellation of your booking. Getting back to Manila takes place once a day at 03:00 PM, and boarding time is 02:30 in Corregidor.

Esplanade Seaside Terminal, Esplanade Seaside Park, Seaside Blvd., MOA Complex, Pasay City. The boarding time is 7AM. 
(02) 8628 9751

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