Zigzag Road - Quezon

Zigzag Road is one of the most popular roads in Southern Luzon. It is located within the Quezon National Forest Park in the municipalities of Atimonan, Pagbilao, and Padre Burgos.

Zigzag Road

Zigzag Road Details

The Zigzag Road is the most famous landmark within Quezon National Forest Park. It measures 5.7 kilometers from end-to-end. 

Zigzag Road - Quezon Protected Landscape

 Keep in mind that the priority are the vehicles going up the Zigzag Road

Also known as Bitukang Manok or Eme Road, the Zigzag Road is considered by many drivers as a place to conquer to prove their driving skills.

An old photo of the Zigzag Road taken during the American Colonial period

One of the well-known parts of the Zigzag Road are what locals call the siko or the elbow. It is a part of the roadway that looks like a bent elbow. One mistake on this part could bring you to the afterlife.

You'd see this before you go up the siko.

Zigzag Road Urban Legends

Hundreds of motorists have already perished in this area. Because of its reputation, some motorists would avoid Zigzag Road, especially at night. There were some stories of hitchhiking ghosts that would suddenly appear inside your car especially when you're alone then suddenly vanish before the end of the Zigzag Road. Other stories tell of a floating female that would suddenly cross the street before entering a nearby tree or would closely follow a passing vehicle.

They say spirits love to hitchhike on this spot

There is also a story (or maybe an urban legend) about a female passenger who asked the conductor to stop the bus (yup buses were allowed to pass through the Zigzag Road a long time ago) so that she could pee. The bus stopped near a densely forested area so that the passenger could relieve herself in the cover of trees. However, almost an hour has passed and still, there was no trace of her. The conductor and several male passengers went to the place to look for her only to find out only the bloody possessions of the lady. It was months later that her body was found -inside the body of a giant snake.

Nope, not this snake!

Lucky for those who are "scared" to pass through the Zigzag Road, a diversion road is available for use but please be careful when driving there during rainy seasons because it is prone to landslides and slippery roads. Aside from that, that is where buses and trucks ply so take extra care when passing through the diversion road.

Zigzag Park along the road

This giant tree in the road would be the sign that you're about to merge to the diversion road (end of the trip)

The Backpack Adventures pass through Zigzag Road.

Going back to the Zigzag Road, only light vehicles are allowed to pass the said area. Heavy vehicles like trucks and buses are required to use the diversion road. 

Why visit Zigzag Road?

Zigzag Road has a different reputation for those who drive there. Frequently, you'd hear scary stories attributed to it. However, for those who aren't believers, this road is synonymous with a fun and moderately challenging drive. It's also a way for some to test their driving skills. 

Getting to Zigzag Road:

Take note that you'll miss this road if you're riding a bus heading south. If you want to experience this place, you have to ride a private vehicle that has only 4 wheels (I suggest you remove 6 wheels from your dad's truck and try this one out.)

Turn right to experience driving on Zigzag Road.

From Manila, drive southwards passing through the provinces of Laguna and Batangas until you reach the town of Pagbilao in Quezon. From there continue driving until you see the diversion road pictured below... Turn right and continue driving.

Congratulations you've just reached the famous Zigzag Road in Quezon.


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  1. wow it seems fun driving on this road :D I think I'll have some problems with this road as I'm not a very good driver as I'm from Venice :D great photos, congrats! Bye Andrea

    1. haha you should be a professional driver then! Your skills are surely top notch from driving in the small roads of Venice. (and maybe driving a boat in a canal) hahaha thanks Andrea~

  2. Such a nice place to enjoy some time with your family or friends! I really like all the views shown above because I love greenery and nature. I love to spend some time in such kind of beautiful surrounded areas. I am going to visit Niagara Falls by bus boston to niagara falls. Niagara Fall is also an amazing natural attraction and offers fantastic views for nature photography.

    1. Wow! That I would like to experience too. Please tell me more about bus boston to Niagara Falls next time ok! Thanks for dropping by Gwendolyn!

  3. Thanks for appreciation. Sure Neil Alvin Nicerio! I love to talk about my travel experiences. It will be a great pleasure for me to share my experience bus to niagara falls from boston.

    1. If you have a blog please do share that great experience here ok! Nice to know you Gwendolyn~

  4. Good day Sir!

    Hi! My name is Adreana Remo from DENR. I saw this blog of yours. I would like to ask if you would be interested to contribute photos for the Coffeetable book that we are making. The book will feature the 17 protected areas in calabarzon region and one of the highlights of the book will be the ecotourism sites that are found in the area.

    We understand the difficulty of getting photos like this so rest assured that due credits will be given to you and that we will give you a complementary copy.

    Hope to hear a positive response from you Sir. And we hope that you could help us in showcasing the beauty of CALABARZON thru this book. Thank thank you very much po!

    Sincerely yours,

    Adreana (reannesantos@gmail.com)

  5. I think "Bitukang Manok"(BM) is in Bicol National Park in Camariness Norte.
    I have a classmate and friends from CamNorte and they said BM is in Bicol National Park. Today you cannot pass by there if you are not coming from Daet, CamNorte going traveling to CamSur or V.V. Because of the diversion road (Andaya Highway/Querino Highway)all vehicle from Manila going South passes by in diversion road.

    Also I ask the bus driver before regarding the 2 zig-zag road. So in Quezon National Park they referred it as "Tatlong Eme" or 3M.


  6. There's a shorter much scenic route going to Pagbilao. Instead of the conventional route, you can go thru the East. Cainta to Tanay. Then cimb Mabitac and passby the Pililia Windmill. From there you will pass thru Pakil Paete Lumban then Pagsanjan. This will take you through Cavinti and Luisiana. 1st Quezon Town is Lucban then Tayabas then Pagbilao. I think it's shorter by 40kms.

    1. Thank you for the tip Snow Blind. =) I will take note of your tip and use it for future adventures. =)

  7. That true the zigzagroad in quezon is popular in the Clabarzon

    1. It's true. =) A visit to Quezon won't be complete without going here.

  8. i have passed this road several times (only8x) but i always forgot to measure its length... anybody knows?

  9. i have passed this road a few times but as always i forgot to set my odo to know the exact length of tis mountain road ...anybody knows?


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