10 Tips for Foreign Tourists in the Philippines

10 Tips for Foreign Tourists in the Philippines

The Philippines is a very beautiful country. Some foreign tourists even describe it as paradise. Its people are equally beautiful. They are considered the world's most hospitable people. However, I would like to avoid generalizing. Let's also keep in mind that the Philippines is no heaven and its people are no angels. 

Like any country, the Philippines is no stranger to crime and pollution. The Filipinos, like everyone else, have their own Mr. Hyde. 

Now, as a friend and concerned citizen, I'm creating my 10 Tips for Foreign Tourists in the Philippines to help you have a wonderful time in paradise. Read on...

  1. The Legal Adventure. Always bring the proper and legal documents when visiting the country. Just keep in mind that every country requires you to have one. Take note that when you're inside the country, it's better to have an ID with you at all times... In case of emergencies. (You know what I mean.)
  2. You're No Hero. Stay away from dark alleyways, depressed areas, and overcrowded places. Unless you're a germ, you won't get anything from going to these places. Even The Batman is no match for ten knife-wielding robbers from the Philippines (They are the best warriors around).
  3. City Good, Province Better. Lots of tourists waste their money by just visiting the capital. The beauty of the Philippines is found in the hidden corners of the country. Keep in mind that the further you travel away from the Metro the cleaner the air and the more majestic the scenery gets.  (Believe me.)
  4. No Please Diarrhea. Always have a Lomotil handy. Your stomach acid might not blend well with some Filipino dishes. But beware, declining a food offer is a big no-no especially if it's a friend who offers you the food. My tip... enjoy the food then puke later.
  5. No means No. Some vendors would try to sell you anything that you actually don't need. Learn to say NO with firmness but with respect. Then just turn your back away. Some will try to follow you. If they do just repeat the process.
  6. The Price is Right. No matter what you're trying to buy or avail of services, make sure you know its price from different sources. You could ask other Filipino buyers about it or simply Google it. Some Filipinos, especially those tour operators or taxi drivers will surely add a padded amount (especially if you look like a newbie). So beware! 
  7. Learn the Lingo. Filipinos feel honored and special once a foreigner would greet or talk to them in their own language. You might as well Google the meaning of Kumusta po and Palimos po before your conversation. You might sound funny to them, but believe me, it adds to the appeal.
  8. Visit the Filipino Travel BlogosphereMake it a point to read and contact a Filipino blogger prior to your visit. These people will give you an honest insight and tips for your planned visit. They might even give you tips on where to dine and stay that won't hurt your budget.
  9. Mutual Respect Respect... This word has been around long before you were born. There might be some Filipino traditions or beliefs that might look and sound funny to you but I suggest that you just go with the flow and enjoy the show. (It rhymes!)
  10. Filipino Friendship Day. The best tip that I could give you probably is this... Earn the trust of a Filipino and be a true friend to them. These folks are willing to give you their beds and even sleep on the floor so that you'd just get a comfy bed to sleep in. They would protect you from anyone including themselves. Once you have a Filipino friend, consider your trip a success before it even began.
So what are you waiting for, see you in the Philippines!


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