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Food Trip: Batangas Buko Macapuno

The Philippines is not only rich in beautiful sights, but it is also rich in delicacies. That's why no matter where you are in the country, there is always a chance to do some food trippin'. Our food trip today takes us to San Juan Batangas to check out the Batangas Buko Macapuno.

Batangas Buko Macapuno

For my foreign reader buko is the Filipino word for coconut while macapuno is the local name for the soft jelly-like coconut flesh that comes from the dwarf mutant coconuts. It is also known as kopyor in Indonesia.

Time to try this delicacy.

Let's open one.

Open sesame!

Oooooohhh what do we have here?!

What's this?

A closer look!

If you're in Laiya, you can see these guys selling the buko macapuno.

I encountered the Batangas Buko Macapuno during our company outing in Palm Beach Resort in Laiya, San Juan. Local vendors sell it for 100 pesos per 4 packs. Each pack contains 10 bite-sized pieces of the buko macapuno. I got to interview one vendor about the process of how this delicacy is done. He told me that is similar to how a bukayo is made. A bukayo is another local dessert made from coconut flesh. 

Taste test

Upon researching online, I found out that this delicacy is easy to make. Check it out below:

  1. First, the strips of coconut (in this case the macapuno) is simmered in water then sugar (preferably brown sugar) is added and mixed to it. 
  2. Once the macapuno is brownish, it is then transferred to a  banana trunk skin cut into a square-inch size
  3. Ten of these will then be placed in a banana trunk skin "pod" that would serve as its main container. It will then be tied with a plastic straw to keep the "pod" from opening. The final product is what you see in the pictures.
My daughter enjoyed this one.

This delicacy is very sweet. It is highly suggested that it be consumed in moderation. Overall, the Batangas Buko Macapuno is a must-try. It is also a perfect bring home gift/pasalubong to your friends and loved ones.



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