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Sagada Orange Picking - Mt. Province

Located in the town of Sagada in Mt. Province, Rock Farm Inn and Cafe / Rock Inn and Cafe is an inn that is highly visited by tourists because of its orange picking activity.

Sagada Orange Picking

Sagada Orange Picking Details

It is a fact that there are more people Googling "Orange Picking in Sagada" than Rock Farm Inn and Cafe. It is not something that the owners should be concerned with but something that they should be proud of. Why?

Sagada Orange Picking - Rock Farm Inn and Cafe

The naturistic Rock Farm Inn and Cafe

Enjoy picking your own oranges!

That's right... Focus, my dear wife!

Rock Inn and Cafe are actually located in a part of Sagada that is quite isolated. As a matter of fact, the roads to the inn are unpaved and lacks proper lighting. Therefore, the popularity of the orange picking activity brings in customers to their doorsteps.

Oranges mania!

The Annoying Orange would surely hate this

Before I further tackle the orange picking activity, let's first check out what the history of the place. The 9-hectare land where Rock Farm Inn and Cafe now stands in was acquired by its owners way back in 1993. It was originally developed into an orange orchard which eventually gained popularity resulting in the construction of the inn that stands today.

Inside the Bodega Cafe

A quiet part of the cafe

Rock Farm Inn and Cafe, as its name suggests, has an inn and a cafe... 

Speaking of its inn, here are its accommodation rates.

Rock Farm Inn Accommodation Rates

  • Executive Room - P2,100 / night
  • Mini Executive Room - P1,800 / night
  • Bunk Rooms for 8 - P500 pax/night for groups of 4 or more; P2,000 minimum rate for groups 3 or less
  • Bunkrooms for 6 -  P500 pax/night for groups of 4 or more; P1,500 minimum rate for groups 3 or less
  • Basement Accommodation: P2,000 / night 
  • Romantic Couple Rooms - P1,300 / night
Then there is the cafe... Cafe Bodega was launched in 2005. It has a rustic feel and offers an eclectic menu that is a must-try. 

Now for the highlight of Rock Farm Inn and Cafe -its orange orchard. The "citrusy" smell of the orchard gives early mornings a unique feel if you're staying in one of its rooms. You can avail of the orange picking/orange eat-all-you-can activity for only P50, the catch? You can only eat the oranges inside the orchard and you have to do so in only 30 minutes. 

We gotta pay for that.

If you can't get enough of the oranges and you want to bring some home, then tell the staff and she/he will give you a basket after your eat-all-you-can stint. Fill it up with as many oranges that you want and pay the amount after it has been weighed. 

My wife enjoyed this one.

Here's a tip: Taste the fruit of every tree. Harvest and buy only from the tree that has fruits that suits your taste.

Overall, the orange picking / orange eat-all-you-can activity is a blast. My wife and I enjoyed it so much that we wanted to come back someday with a backup of professional orange eaters.

Sagada Orange Picking Admission Fee 

There is a 50 pesos/ head entrance fee that you need to pay to do the 30-minute orange picking and eat-all-you-can in the vicinity. Keep in mind that you can only eat the oranges inside the farm. You have to pay for the oranges that you will take home with you.

Sagada Orange Picking Operating Hours

Sagada Orange Picking is open only from October to December during the harvest season. You can do the orange picking activity as early as 7AM if you are booked in the inn.

Why try out the Sagada Orange Picking Activity?

If you manage to visit Sagada in the months of October - December then you should include the orange picking activity in Rock Farm Inn. The 50 pesos fee is totally worth it. 

Getting to Sagada Orange Picking:

From the Sagada town proper, you may opt to rent a tricycle to bring you to Orange Drive, Rock Farm Batalao or simply tell him to bring you to the Orange Farm in Rock Farm Inn and Cafe.

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