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Sky Ranch - Cavite

Located in Tagaytay City in the province of Cavite, Sky Ranch is a newly developed leisure park that is becoming one of the most visited sites in the city.

Sky Ranch offers a well balanced and carefully selected amusement park rides and activities. What's great about these rides and activities are their affordability. As a matter of fact, most of the rides cost less than P100. Kids and kids at heart would surely have fun trying out the rides that would fit their taste. 

Some of the rides and activities offered in the park are as follows (plus the fee per ride)*:
Sky Eye -P150 per ride

Flying Bus -P100 per ride

Drop Tower -P100 per ride

Super Viking -P100 per ride

Express Train -P80 per ride

Zipline -P500 per ride

Grand Carousel -P50 per ride

No photo:

  • Sky Cruiser -P100 per ride
  • Mini Viking -P50 per ride
  • Wonder Flight -P50 per ride
  • Red Baron -P50 per ride
  • Nessi Coaster -P50 per ride
  • Snail Attack -P50 per ride
  • Top Dancer -P100 per ride
  • Jump Around -P50 per ride
  • Bubble-O-Fun -P50 per ride
  • Riding Loop -N/A
  • Log Coaster -P100 per ride
  • Safari Splash -P80 per ride

*rates may change without prior notice

Speaking of taste, Sky Ranch also has several restaurants and food stalls that would cater the needs of the hungry guests.

Guess who enjoyed the rides?

Aside from the rides, activities, and food the park also boasts its strategic location. The park is a great place to view Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. In addition to these, the cold weather of Tagaytay also adds to the factor of why tourists are drawn into Sky Ranch. 

Trying out the Sky Eye

During my latest visit to the park, I noticed that the park management is adding new attractions and improving some of its facilities. (It simply means that this blog article will be obsolete in a few months.)

Sky Eye at night

What I like most about Sky Ranch is the affordability of its rides. I got to enjoy the place because I saw my daughter enjoying it. (Father mode!)

Despite having a generally positive experience in Sky Ranch, I have only one negative comment that I hope the management works on immediately. The Sky Eye is the pride of Sky Ranch. It promises visitors a different (much higher) angle to view the beautiful Taal Volcano and Taal Lake. However, how can one fully appreciate its beauty if the glass panels in the cabins are dirty. It would also be better if they remove its air conditioning units and have an open air window (with protective grills of course) In that way photographers would get a chance to stick out their lenses and take nicer photos. Somebody might say that my suggested cabin design might face problems once it rains. Well, my answer to that would simply be "Who on Earth would ride a Ferris Wheel when it's raining?"

Overall, my family and I enjoyed our trip to Sky Ranch and we would definitely visit it again someday.

Getting to Sky Ranch:

From the Coastal Mall Terminal in Paranaque, ride a bus going to Nasugbu. Tell the conductor to drop you off at Sky Ranch. Don't worry, you won't miss its towering Ferris Wheel.

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