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Food trip: Pancit Habhab

Pancit Habhab is another version of the pancit which is a Filipino favorite dish. This type of pancit originated from the province of Quezon.

Also called Pancit Lucban, Pancit Habhab looks like the typical pancit canton when being cooked. However, Pancit Habhab uses dried flour noodles which is popularly known to the people of Quezon as miki Lucban.
Stir it then fry it!
This dish, as I have observed, is cooked by stir-fry style of cooking. Other notable ingredients are  quail eggs, pork or chicken (depending on what you prefer between the two), shredded carrots, cooking oil (of course), garlic, onion, and soy source. Others put pig's liver, shrimp, and chayote. 
Her product is highly demanded.

The Pancit Habhab as sold per order

here's another angle

The different condiments that you can put in your Pancit Habhab
Another uniqueness of Pancit Habhab is its presentation. When cooked, it is placed in a 5x5 inch cleaned and cut banana leaf piece. You may opt to add vinegar to it before consuming. But wait! When I said consuming, it means eating it the traditional way. Like its name suggests, habhab, the pancit should be eaten by putting it directly to your mouth (no hands and utensils needed). Just don't forget that you should not eat the banana leaf though.
Here's how you eat the Pancit Habhab
No hands all mouth!
I got the chance to try out Pancit Habhab in Brgy. Mateuna in Tayabas City in the province of Quezon. There is this small unassuming store there that people from different parts of the city (and probably other towns) flock just to try and eat their Pancit Habhab. This store called Liwag Pancitan is owned by a couple who had a passion for making the best Pancit Habhab in the city. Boyet Liwag is the master chef, while his wife Mila Liwag is the master presenter. You should watch how she toss and juggle the meat and egg then catch them in the banana leaf with the pancit already in it.
Here's Liwag Pancitan being flocked by costumers.

Overall, this variety of pancit is a must try for people visiting the province of Quezon. Just a reminder though! Don't forget to take a video of your friend while eating it the traditional way.



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