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Koyasan Daimon Gate - Wakayama

Located in the west end of the town of Koyasan / Mt. Kōya, Wakayama Prefecture in Japan, Mt. Kōya's Daimon also called Koyasan Daimon Gate (高野山大門) is considered by many, especially the pilgrims, as the main entrance to the town.
Koyasan Daimon Gate HistoryAlso called the Great Gate, Mt. Kōya's Daimon is an important cultural property of Japan. The first structure was built in the Tsuzuraoi Valley before being moved to the present site in the 12th century. The current building was rebuilt in 1705. The daimon is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites dubbed "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range".

The daimon measures 21.4 meters by 7.9 meters and stands 25.1 meters tall. The most notable thing(s) that one can easily see in the daimon is the giant statues inside it. They are called Kongo-Rikishi or Guardian Deities. These statues were created by Koi and Hokkyo-Uncho. Both were famous Buddhist sculptors during the Edo Period.

Japan Diaries: Day 23

Day 23:January 10, 2015Good morning Japan! I woke up extra early today so that I'd be the first to prepare for our planned trip today. When everybody was ready, we left Kameyama residence heading to Wakayama Prefecture to the snowy mountain that Mr. Toshi told us about last night. 

The mountain that I'm talking about is none other than Mt. Koya or Koyasan. According to Mr. Toshi, it is one of the most sacred mountains in Japan. Not to mention, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

As expected, there was little to no traffic at all during our drive to Mt. Koya. The weather was fine too but as a precaution Mr. Toshi had his tires changed to snow tires the day before. At first, I doubted that there would be snow on the mountain because we've been driving for several hours already and I didn't even catch a glimpse of any (It's winter! Where's the snow?). However, as we got closer to the mountain's peak, the sight of the snow-covered trees became a more common …

Japan Diaries: Day 21 and 22

Day 21: January 8, 2015 Snowy morning Japan! The cold weather outside demotivated me to go out today. I was actually planning to revisit Kyoto Prefecture today to check out the other old temples that I have missed during my first visit.

However, my wife and I decided to spend our day in Kameyama residence instead. To make this day special, we cooked lunch and dinner for our Japanese family. As expected they loved the dishes that we have prepared for them. As a matter of fact, Mr. Toshi even brought out one of his special sake for us to partake and also as a way for us to celebrate the day. 

Mr. Toshi and I stayed up late that night and talked about a lot of things like history and politics. We were also drinking various kinds of beverages (with low alcoholic contents) while doing so. Before we called it a night, He promised me that he'd bring us to more beautiful places before we go back home. (That made my day of course.)

Day 22: January 9, 2015Good morning Japan! We're blessed w…


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