Japan Diaries: Day 0 and 1


This is the beginning of our 26-day adventure in Japan. Join me and my family as we recount the daily accounts of our trips and adventures in this beautiful country called The Land of the Rising Sun.

Day 0 Dec. 18, 2014


Today is the big day, after months of preparation, we are finally going to Japan. Our excitement is building as we left NAIA Terminal 3 on a 4-hour flight to Kansai International Airport (KIX).

Guess where we're heading?
Welcome to Kansai Team Nicerio!

Finally! We landed safely! After passing through the immigration, we were picked up by our godfather and we immediately drove to his residence in Tsubasagaokakita, Senna-gun, Osaka Prefecture.

Thank you so much Kameyama Family!

We're happy to be part of this family

Before we called it a day, our Japanese family gave us a little "welcoming celebration". For me, this symbolizes the beginning of our adventure in Japan.

Day 1 Dec.19, 2014

Stroll around Tsubasagaoka-kita

It's officially our first day in Japan. I'm still so overwhelmed and excited by the fact that we are in another country (please forgive me it's my first time traveling abroad). Apparently, my wife and I share the same feelings (It's her first time too).

That house on the hill.

A view from our window

It's not Japan if there's no vending machine

One of the few parks around our place.

Since we are still adjusting to the cold weather (it's winter). We spent the whole morning unpacking our things. Then, in the afternoon, we took a stroll around the neighborhood. 

Play mode in AEON Mall in Rinku, Sennan

Someone's sleepy. Thank God we rented this kiddie pushcart 

Eat all you can at Festa Garden

Osaka City Tumbler - my first city tumbler from Japan

We then went to the AEON Shopping Mall in Rinku, Sennan to buy some winter clothes. Ella also got the chance to play at the arcades. Then we ate at Festa Garden (a buffet restaurant). Afterward, I got the chance to buy the Osaka City tumbler for my collection and that pretty much sums up our first full day in the Land of the Rising Sun. We definitely can't wait for tomorrow. 

NEXT: Japan Diaries: Day 2


  1. Welcome to Japan! Glad you made it safe. I'm sure you will enjoy your time in Japan. It has a lot to offer - culture, tradition, shopping (!!!), and food!!! Congratulations also on your first international trip.

  2. reading your post makes me miss my time in japan :) osaka is indeed an awesome place.. you got your limited edition tumbler wow!! i got the same one too :) for winter clothes, i didnt buy in aeon mall but in the shopping center in namba.. i got 90% discount hehehe

    1. =) Wow, I have been to Namba but we just headed out to Dotonbori. Funny thing was we ate in Mcdonald's hahaha.

  3. Thanks Fairuz. =) 26 days are short when you're in Japan. =)

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time in Japan. And you had such a loving family there to welcome you. I aspire to visit Japan some day. When the time arrives, will ask you for more details.

    1. I sure did. =)

      Yes, you should visit this wonderful country. =)

  5. Japan is a mesmerizing destination where the past, present, and future co-exist. On the one hand the rich and ancient culture of Japan enchants you and on the other the technological advances of the country amazes you. I can see you had a warm welcome in Japan and looking forward to more updates from your exploration of Japan.

    1. I agree Sandy. =) That's why it has become my favorite destination. =)

  6. Damn, I wish I could stay that long in Japan. I love this country so much, it is on top of my most favorite destinations abroad. I also went to Osaka, and I have never forgotten it since. You guys are so lucky and the fact that you are staying with a local family, that's quite awesome. Looks like your kid is having a blast too.

    1. I hope and pray that our 2nd time in Japan pushes thru this May. My daughter actually missed a lot of fun during our first trip. She has little memory of it, that's why were revisiting it. =) Hope it pushes thru. =)

  7. Having Japan as your first time destination abroad is so cool. And you get to travel with your family too. I understand that this is part of your almost one month stay, right? Do you have a blog post of up to Day 26? haha, that would be fun to read, like a series. :)

    1. Hi Gel. hahahaha Yes it is a series. =) Will be sharing the entries one by one. =)


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