Best Tour Guide in Palaui Island

Palaui Island is located in the Northern part of the province of Cagayan near the town of Sta. Ana. It gained its popularity when it was chosen as the venue of the hit reality show Survivor. Since Palaui Island is fairly new to the tourism business, there are only a few write-ups offering tips and contacts for tourists.

Best Tour Guide in Palaui Island

... And that was my dilemma. Before I go to unfamiliar territory, I always make sure that I have a contact. It's not because I don't trust my itineraries but because sometimes I need a "local factor" to help me succeed in my planned adventures. In the case of my Palaui Island expedition, I needed a lot of that "local factor" and a boat of course.  

Fernando "Kuya Nanding" Cabutin

Kuya Nanding with the group

That "local factor" came in the form of Kuya Fernando "Nanding" Cabutin. Honestly, he was not my first choice. I googled and contacted two other guides before him but Kuya Nanding was the only one who responded. It was a month before the trip that I started to collaborate with him and he patiently answered all my inquiries. Not only that, being patient is just one of Kuya Nanding's positive traits. This guy emits a very friendly atmosphere that affects those who are near him. That's why all those who acquire his services leave as his friends not his customers. It will not be a surprise if Kuya Nanding would offer to cook for you during the tour (for free), take you on extra locations (for free), and even treat you for dinner with his family (also for free). 

Kuya Nanding tells some trivia to the group

I would forever be thankful to Kuya Nanding and his family for treating me and my friends as part of the family. Oh and by the way, I love the kinilaw na pugita (octopus) that you guys served us for dinner. 

So if you guys are looking for a guide, a boatman, and a friend (or even a cook) for your Palaui Island trip, then I highly suggest Kuya Fernando "Nanding" Cabutin. (Coz he's the best.)

You can contact him at:


*The Palaui Island Tour costs P3500. It includes the following destinations:
  • Anguib Beach
  • Punta Verde
  • Cape Engano Lighthouse
  • Crocodile Island
 Note: Entrance fees and Cape Engano lighthouse guide fees are not included.


  1. I will be visiting Batanes and this part of the North early next year, so this info is quite helpful. He will be my target guide there.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for supporting kuya Nanding. Nice to hear from you again!

  2. I actually contacted Kuya Nanding this week and it is true that he is very patient and responsive with all of my inquiries. Reading this article just made me trust Kuya Nanding more. :) Thanks for the info

    -Carlo Caputan

    1. =) You should wait for the trip itself. Don't forget to mention me. He will probably remember. =)

  3. He was our tour guide when we visited Palaui Island last May 2016. He's been very accommodating and polite. He even give us extra side trips for FREE. We highly recommend Kuya Nanding!

    1. Thank you for sharing your positive feedback about Kuya! =) I hope more would do the same.

  4. Ang bait niyan ni Kuya Nanding. Highly recommended!


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