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Ilocos Sur Adventure: Vigan City

Our adventure today takes us about 400 kilometers northwest of Kilometer 0 in Manila. Vigan City , the capital of Ilocos Sur, was recently converted into a component city last January 21, 2001. Aside from that, Vigan was also listed as one of the World Heritage Sites in the Philippines by UNESCO. Vigan City Vigan City details So what's unique with Vigan City ? Imagine yourself living during the Spanish Colonial days when the kalesa (horse-drawn carriages) rules the cobblestone streets and century-old houses, not buildings, conquered the landscape. Vigan City offers you the same colonial-era backdrop minus the people walking around with DSLRs and GoPros. Team Nicerio visits Vigan City Vigan City details Vigan City was earlier known as "Ciudad Fernandina" during the Spanish Era. However, the origin of the city's name is said to come from different sources. Some say it came from the Chinese word "Bee Gan" or beautiful shore. While others say that it came

88 Hotspring Resort and Spa - Laguna

Updated: October 30, 2020 Our adventure today will take us  46.11 kilometers south from kilometer 0 in Manila. The historic atmosphere still lingers due to the historical landmarks that you can see all around this place. One of the most famous landmarks this city has to offer is the Rizal Shine or more popularly known as Rizal's house. However I'm not here to give you a history adventure but instead, I will tell you the different side of this city. 88 Hotspring Resort and Spa Calamba City in the province of Laguna is a city that has more resorts than the number of days in a year. Because of the fast-growing number of resorts (661 and counting), this city earned the nickname Resort Capital of the Philippines.  88 Hotspring Resort and Spa - Calamba, Laguna Travelers and resort seekers who didn't read my blog  The Adventurer's List  would surely be unprepared for what's to come. It would surely take a day for you to choose and pick the most suitable resort f

The Adventurer's List

Este paratus- Be Prepared... This should be your own personal motto if you're planning to start your own adventure. Keep in mind that going on an adventure is not for the weak of hearts nor for the "squirmish". So before everything else get your notepads and start jotting down the essentials of becoming a certified adventurer. Well at least from my own experience. Take it from me. =) 1. Getting to know what you're getting into should be the first in your list.  Remember that you're not Nostradamus who could predict what's up for you on your adventure. Research the place that you want to conquer before buying any tickets.  2. Make an itinerary. Just a simple overview of the places and schedule would do. Adding a detailed map would be better.  3.  Google for a reliable contact. If you're planning to go to an unfamiliar place it would be better if you already know someone who could be trusted and knows the native dialect. In this way, you could av

First Foot Forward

First Foot Forward Every adventure has its own beginning and of course its goals.  I'm starting this blog to share with you the fun of being an adventurer and the beauty of the world we live in. Let's explore the world! The Backpack Adventures will also provide travelers with itineraries and possible contacts so that your trips would be hassle-free and fun.  Come and join me as we go around the world to see, taste, and even feel the different things hidden in the corners of this God-given planet. So here it is, this is officially my first article Published on November 11, 2012 . Looking forward to seeing you again in my blog my dear reader. Where the adventurer goes his backpack follows! "Orbis terrarum liber est, et illi qui non commeant modo unam paginam legunt" "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." - St. Augustine, City of God. 413-426  


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