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Located by the roadside of Calle Marcela Marino Agoncillo near Calaca-Lemery Highway in the town of Taal in Batangas, Museo Apacible is an ancestral house turned museum in Batangas' heritage town.

Museo Apacible

Museo Apacible Details

Also referred to as Apacible Ancestral House and more formally as Museo nina Leon at Galicano Apacible, this old house is now converted into a 2-floor museum displaying items owned by Leon and Galicano Apacible. It also shows a wall panel displays highlighting their life and career. 

Apacible Museum
Museo Apacible - Taal, Batangas

Welcome to the Museo Apacible 

Apacible Museum Marker
The historical marker of Leon Apacible

So who is Leon and Galicano Apacible?

Leon Apacible

Galicano Apacible

Leon Apacible was a judge of the Court of First Instance of the town of Batangas in 1886. He joined Gen. Miguel Malvar's forces and fought the Spaniards in 1897. With the establishment of the Revolutionary government, he was appointed as Finance Officer of Batangas, Leon retired a few years after and spent his remaining years in Taal, Batangas where he passed away in 1901.

Apacible museum
Check out the second floor

Galicano Apacible is the youngest of the Apacible siblings and cousin to the National Hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal and was an illustrado who studied medicine in Spain. He co-founded La Solidaridad in 1888. He became the chairperson of the Comite Central Filipino. This committee raised funds and bought ammunition for the Filipino army. He returned to Batangas in 1903 and resumed his medical profession and later on served the province as Governor and representative. He died in 1949 at the age of 85.

One of the preserved rooms in the museum

The sala on the second floor

Presently, the 2-floor of Museo Apacible contains 5 Galeries, an audio-visual area, a souvenir shop, and the curator's office.

The Galleries:

Gallery 1 Mga Batangueno in Revolution 

Gallery 2 Buhay ni Leon Apacible

Gallery 3 The Leon Apacible House

Gallery 4
Gallery 4 Life of Galicano Apacible

Gallery 4
Gallery 4 War-time Diplomacy and Public Service

I got the chance to visit the museum during the outbound education (AKA field trip) of my Grade 5 students. Although I have been to Taal a few times before, this was actually my first time to enter the Museo Apacible. It was closed during my first visit and under renovation on my second one. 

My students listening to the video presentation in the museum

Museo Apacible Admission Fee:

It is FREE to enter Museo Apacible.

Museo Apacible Opening Hours:

Museo Apacible is open Tuesday - Saturday 8AM -4PM.

Why visit Museo Apacible?

Overall, history lovers and museum hoppers will surely enjoy reading all the wall panel displays in the galleries. I particularly enjoyed the rustic Spanish Colonial era feel of Gallery 3 on the second floor. That's is where all the antique furniture of the Apacible brothers is displayed. Nothing beats historical stuff!

Getting to Museo Apacible:

From Buendia in Pasay City, ride a bus bound for Lemery, Batangas. Inform the conductor to drop you off at the Taal - Lemery junction. From there, tricycles can bring you to the Apacible Museum.


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  1. Something worth visiting in Batangas! This makes me want to revisit Taal.

    1. I have to agree with you on that Karl. Gotta love Taal, Batangas!

  2. Great article, totally what I waas looking for.


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