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Japan Diaries 4: Intro

Intro Finally! After almost a year of waiting, I am once again heading to Japan . Not as a tourist but as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) under the JET Programme. You can read more about it in my article Road to JET 2021: Timeline .  Since this series is not purely about travel and on most days I'm working, I won't be posting a per day article like in the past series but a week and weekend compilation instead. In case there would be holiday trips or cultural events, I would write a special article about it and briefly mention it in the week/weekend article. Aside from that, I would like to share that the setup of this trip is also unique compared to those experienced by ALTs before. Because of the pandemic and the health protocols implemented in Japan . Incoming people are required to undergo a very strict 14-day quarantine. Thankfully, everything is arranged and shouldered by Japan's Board of Education. Read on and find out more about what happened during Day 0 of my t

Japan Diaries 4: Summary

Please join us on our ongoing fourth adventure in  Japan . To summarize our adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun, here's the list (complete with links*) of the articles about our day-to-day life and also the places and events that we have visited and experienced : * Please click the links to read the articles. Road to JET Programme PRELUDE Intro Timeline Japan Diaries 4: Intro Japan Diaries 4: Quarantine Week 1 Japan Diaries 4: Quarantine Week 2 Rumoi ALT  Japan Diaries 4: Week 1 Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 1 Japan Diaries 4: Week 2 Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 2 Japan Diaries 4: Week 3 Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 3 Japan Diaries 4: Week 4 Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 4 Japan Diaries 4: Week 5 Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 5 Japan Diaries 4: Week 6 Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 6 Japan Diaries 4: Week 7 Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 7 Japan Diaries 4: Week 8 Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 8 Japan Diaries 4: Week 9 Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 9 Japan Diaries 4: Week 10 Japan Diaries 4: Weekend 10 Japan Diaries 4: We

Bicol Road Trip 2021: Summary

Missed some parts of our  Bicol Road Trip 2021 ? Bicol Road Trip 2021: Summary Here's the summary of our 13-day  Bicol Road Trip 2021 . Bicol Road Trip 2021: Day 1 Bicol Road Trip 2021: Day 2 Bicol Road Trip 2021: Day 3 Bicol Road Trip 2021: Day 4 Bicol Road Trip 2021: Day 5 & 6 Bicol Road Trip 2021: Day 7 & 8 Bicol Road Trip 2021: Day 9 & 10 Bicol Road Trip 2021: Day 11 Bicol Road Trip 2021: Day 12 & 13 Places we visited: Quezon Province Zigzag Road Quezon Protected Landscape Zigzag Park Quezon Protected Landscape Herbal Pavilion Baypark Atimonan Albay Province Legazpi City Legazpi Cathedral Lignon Hill Bacacay Sula Bridge Cagraray Eco-Energy Park Jovellar Jovellar Underground River Sigpit Falls Daraga Daraga Church Guinobatan Guinobatan Church Camalig Solong Eco-Park Camalig Church #BicolRoadTrip2021

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