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Marina Bay Sands - Singapore

Located at the 10 Bayfront Avenue in the Marina Bay area of Singapore, Marina Bay Sands is a luxurious integrated resort. Aside from that, its iconic hotel is also one of the most famous structures in the country. The history of this elegant building started way back in in 2004 when the government of Singapore decided to build the country's first integrated resort. In mid-2006, the Last Vegas Sands Corporation won the bid. Its goal was to construct the integrated resort in three years. A good view from the Merlion Park Right across Marina Bay Night time view You can ride that boat from the Merlion Park to Marina Bay Sands Inside the Shoppes The pond beside the ArtScience Museum The ArtScience Museum The ArtScience Museum nighttime view Marina Bay Sands Hotel The construction proved to be challenging. The land where the hotel and the other structures was set to be built was unstable due to the marine clay used in the reclamation process. It

Siloso Beach - Singapore

Located in the Southwest  part of Sentosa Island in Singapore, Siloso Beach is one of the three beautiful beaches of the island (no pun intended). It is also the largest of the three. Siloso Beach is a white sand beach that stretches almost a kilometer. It is perfect for outdoor activities like beach volleyball and sand castle building. Visitors can also swim in the waters but there are some things that might pose a risk to the health of those who does like oil from ships, broken glass, and even jellyfishes. Welcome to Siloso Beach The beach is super clean These foreigners enjoyed a stroll at high noon Check out those islets As seen from the "secret part" of Siloso Beach As seen from the Sentosa Cable Car Siloso Beach is the beachfront of Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort. It is also a few meters walk from the Siloso Point Station of the Sentosa Cable Car line and the Fort Siloso Sky Walk.  The Rasa Sentosa Resort is nearest the beach

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple - Singapore

Located at 141, Serangoon Road in the Little India District of Singapore, Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple is one of the oldest and most popular Hindu temple in the country.   According to some oral history, the temple was built by the pioneering Indians who migrated to work and live in the area some time in the late 17th century or early 18th century. It was dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali and the wife of the Hindu god Shiva, Parvati. It was said that the first shrines of the temple was centered around a clay statue of an angry Sri Kaliamman. Over the years more and more shrines and rooms were added to the temple.  The gopuram Inside the temple It was in October 1983 when the temple underwent rebuilding.  It was patterned to the architectural design of the South Indian Tamil temples. The distinctive Gate-Tower, eight main domes and several other minor ones were added to the temple. It took three years for these to be built. Another view of the gopuram Sri Veera


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