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Being a Google Local Guide

As a travel blogger, my main goal is to help my readers learn and discover more about the places that I have visited. On the other hand, I also help promote the places that I blog about.

It does not stop there though, last year, I was introduced to Google Local Guides. It is a global community of explorers whose mission is to improve Google Maps and promote different places around the world.

Joining this community fits right into my passion as a travel blogger. As a Google Local Guide, I can add, remove, edit, and review a place in Google Maps. I also have the capability to add photos and complete missing information like contact numbers, website, and other important details about the places on the map.

What makes being a Google Local Guide more exciting is its point system. Points are given for the following activities:

  • Uploading photos
  • Sharing reviews
  • Adding new places
  • Fixing information
  • Answering questions
Each activity earns you a specific amount of point(s). Here's the breakdown:

Maps contribution                                  Points earned

Review                                                  5 points per review
Rating                                                   1 point per rating
Photo                                                    5 points per photo
Answer                                                 1 point per answer
Edit                                                       5 points per edit
Place added                                        15 points per place added
Fact checked                                         1 point per fact checked

Points helps a member level up. Here are the points to reach to level up:
  • LEVEL 1 = 0 points (every one starts at level one)
  • LEVEL 2 = 15 points
  • LEVEL 3 = 75 points
  • LEVEL 4 = 250 points
  • LEVEL 5 = 500 points
  • LEVEL 6 = 1,500 points
  • LEVEL 7 = 5,000 points
  • LEVEL 8 = 15,000 points
  • LEVEL 9 = 50,000 points
  • LEVEL 10 = 100,000 points

Currently, the highest level a Google Local Guide can reach is LEVEL 10
I am currently at LEVEL 8. Getting to that level doesn't mean that I should stop contributing. Leveling up might have ended there but the points still continue to be given. Aside from that, the views to my uploaded photos are also being recorded. Google sends an email once the views reach set milestones.  You can check out what I have shared HERE (please do click the thumbs up button to my reviews.).

But then again, being a Google Local Guide is not about the points, benefits, and perks. It is all about helping improve the community

So what are you waiting for? Be a Google Local Guide and help improve your community now!

This system of scoring and perks is already out of date. Kindly refer to this site for the updates.


  1. I hope to contribute soon too. Congratulations Sir Neil! And what can I say, hands down to your passion and advocacy. God bless!

    1. Hi Claire! It's always nice to hear from you! Please do start contributing as a Google Local Guides. I will add you to the Local Guides Philippines group in Google +.

      See you!


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