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Niyogyugan Festival 2016: Cultural Adventure

Relatively still in its infancy stage, Quezon's Niyogyugan Festival was launched only in 2012 with the aim of promoting the main agricultural product of the province which is the coconut. However, it has evolved to one of the must experience and must see festivals in the Philippines in only a few years. 

The name Niyogyugan came from the words niyog which is the Filipino word for coconut and yugyog which means to shake, move, or dance.
Held in and around the Quezon Capitol Compound in Lucena City every August 18-27, Niyogyugan Festival is dubbed "Quezon's Grand Festival" for it covers the 39 municipalities and 2 cities of the province. These municipalities and cities compete with each other by means of the dance, float, and booth competitions. They also have beautiful delegates competing for the title and crown of Binibining Niyogyugan.

 As for the visitors, different activities are also lined up to educated them about the coconut products of the province. They could al…

Quezon: Hermano Pule Shrine

Located in a road side outside the town of Lucban in the province of Quezon, Hermano Pule Shrine is a monument/shrine erected in remembrance of a Filipino hero that is also a son of the province.

Hermano Puli or Brother Puli in English was born on July 22, 1814 in the town of Lucban in what was still called the province of Tayabas (now Quezon). His real name was Apolinario de la Cruz. He was very religious and charismatic. Sadly, being a native during the Spanish Colonial Era would mean that being a priest was a bad choice. It was during this time that secularization was a big issue. Natives were not trusted by their Spanish counterparts hence, they were not given significant positions in any parishes. Aside from that the Filipino priests or indios were barred from joining any Orders making them aliens in their own vocation. 

Because of his charisma and piety, Hemano Puli founded the Confradia de San Jose (Confraternity of St. Joseph) in 1832. It was a brotherhood of indios who's ma…


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