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Laguna: Bay Church

Located in the municipality of Bay (pronounced ba-eh) in Laguna, Bay Church is one of the many old Spanish-era churches of the province. 

Also known as St. Augustine Parish Church, Bay Church was first constructed along the shore of Laguna de Bay sometime in 1571. It was built using light materials like canes and nipa. The construction of the first church was supervised by Augustinaian friars led by Fr. Martin de Rada. Bay Church then became a parish on April 30, 1578.

The administration of the town of Bay including the church was transferred to the Franciscans on November 23, 1737. The small wooden church was then transferred to its present site in the town proper afterwards. In 1804, the church was reconstructed and this time stone and wood was used as the primary construction material. The church construction was then finally finished in 1864.

Sadly, the powerful earthquake of 1880 greatly damaged the roofing of Bay Church. This tragedy brought the locals together and they immediately…

Laguna: Pagsanjan Church

Located in Pagsanjan in the province of Laguna, Pagsanjan Church is one of the many well preserved Spanish-era churches of the province.

Also known as Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Church, Pagsanjan Church is the home to the image of the patroness of Pagsanjan -the Our Lady of Guadalupe. This image was a gift from rich pious Mexican families after the establishment of the church. The church is also known as the oldest church in the Philippines under the said patronship.

The church was founded on November 12, 1687. Like most Spanish-era churches in Laguna, it was also first built using only light materials like bamboo, nipa, and wood. Sadly, the church was built by natives of Pagsanjan under forced labor. A few years later, 1690 to be exact, a larger church made from adobe was built to replace the old church.
The church underwent a long renovation which started in 1847 and ended in 1852. It was during this renovation that the stone belfry and Romanesque dome was built. In 1872, a transept …

Camarines Sur: Naga Metropolitan Cathedral

Located in Naga City in the province Camarines Sur, Naga Metropolitan Cathedral is one of the numerous religious establishments in the Pilgrimage City of Naga.

Naga Metropolitan Cathedral is also known as Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist or informally as Naga Cathedral. The cathedral was constructed in 1575 but was finished four years later in 1579. It has a Spanish-Romanesque style. It has a high arch entrance with two symmetrical belfries on both sides. The side walls, on the other hand, are supported by four massive flying buttresses to counter the effects of earthquakes. 

However, despite all these preventive measures, the cathedral sustained heavy damages in 1856 due to a strong typhoon. It was also heavily damaged during the 1887 earthquake. The cathedral was repaired in 1890 and was restored under the supervision of Fr. San Andres in 1987.

Albay: Oas Church

Located in the municipality of Oas in the province of Albay, Oas Church is one of the oldest religious structures in the province.

Oas Church is also known as St. Michael the Archangel Parish Church. It was founded in 1605 by Franciscan missionaries. The church was initially made from wood and cogon grass up until it was renovated in 1825. This time the church was built using bricks and volcanic rocks.

The church was damaged by fire in 1866 and was rebuilt later in the same year. It was partially destroyed in 1884 by a strong earthquake. It didn't end there, in 1947 a strong typhoon damaged the church heavily that it had to be rebuilt. In 1997 the church underwent a major renovation. Today, the church serves as a symbol of unity and hope for the people of Oas. 
Visiting the municipality of Oas was actually not part of our itinerary. We were actually heading to Kawa-Kawa Hill in the City of Ligao after swimming in the beaches of Pasacao. Several circumstances (probably by fate) broug…


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