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Foodtrip: Buffet 101 International Cuisine (MOA)

Located at SM by the Bay area of SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City, Buffet 101 International Cuisine (MOA) is an eat-all-you-can restaurant that offers a variety of Asian and Western cuisines. 

SM Mall of Asia is home to numerous buffet restaurants, some of which I have tried and blogged already. What's good about having several of these eat-all-you-can restaurants in one area is the stiff competition. Each of these restaurants has their own unique way of telling the potential customers "Hey dine here, 'cause we're the best!" Since I have individual blog articles for the other buffet restaurants in the area, the spotlight for today is focused only on Buffet 101.

Found in the far-end corner of SM by the Bay area near the Ferris Wheel, Buffet 101 has the privilege of having extra parking lots compared to the restaurants located in the midsection of SM by the Bay. 

There is nothing unique nor outstanding with the facade of Buffet 101. Worse can be said of the rear area fac…

Cavite: Bonifacio Trial House

Located in the town proper of Maragondon in the province of Cavite, the Bonifacio Trial House is a historical establishment where the controversial trial of Andres Bonifacio took place.

To know more of the significance of this establishment to the history of the Filipino people, I think it would be beneficial for us to have a quick history lesson first.

It all began a year after the discovery of the Katipunan. A proposal to unite all the factions into one leadership brought its Supremo -Andres Bonifacio to San Francisco de Malabon (now General Trias) to settle the leadership issue on March 22, 1897. This meeting between the two biggest factions of the Katipunan came to be known as the Tejeros Convention.

During the election at the Tejeros Convention, Aguinaldo (the Magdalo faction's bet) became the president of the revolutionary government while Bonifacio (the Magdiwang faction's bet) ended up as the minister of the interior. He accepted this outcome until Daniel Tirona (a Magdal…


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