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Cavite: Pacific War Memorial

Located in the Topside sector of Corregidor Island in the province of Cavite, the Pacific War Memorial is memorial structure erected in commemoration of the Filipino and American servicemen who fought and gave their lives in the Pacific Theater during the Second World War.
Pacific War Memorial
The memorial was constructed several years after the war and was completed in 1968. Construction cost was said to be at least 1.23 million dollars, most of which was contributed by the United States Congress.

The circular marble below the skylight
The skylight

The Pacific War Memorial actually consists of several monuments. The most popular of which is the main structure which is the dome. It is known for the skylight hole on top of it which lets the sunlight in during the day. Directly underneath the skylight is a circular marble altar with these words inscribed on its edge... "Sleep, my sons, your duty done, for Freedom's light has come; sleep in the silent depths of the sea, or in your bed of hallowed sod, until you hear at dawn the low, clear reveille of God." Every year, during the week of May 6, the sunlight would directly light up the circular marble altar. May 6. for those who don't know, is the day when Corregidor fell to Japanese hands.

Eternal Flame of Freedom
Behind the dome, is a large abstract steel sculpture called the Eternal Flame of Freedom. It symbolizes the sacrifices of the Filipinos and Americans to keep the fire of freedom burning.
Pacific War Memorial Museum

Besides the main structure is the Pacific War Museum which houses old photographs and artifacts related to the Pacific War during the Second World War.

Since I'm an avid reader of war stories, my trip to Pacific War Memorial Museum connected me to the men an women who once fought for the freedom of the Philippines. Seeing those artifacts inside the museum made the stories I read more realistic. I wish more Filipinos try and visit Corregidor Island so that they could see and understand the true nature and horrors of war.

Getting there:

Unless you hire a yacht (which is very expensive) or go to Bataan and rent a fishing boat to bring you to the island (which is tiring if you're from Manila), there is no other way to get to the island but through Sun Cruises.

Sun Cruises dominated, or let me say captured the tourism market for Corregidor. The good thing about it is that they have daily trips to the island.

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