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Cavite: Mile-Long Barracks Ruins

Located in the Topside sector in Corregidor Island in the province of Cavite, Mile-Long Barracks is known as the world's former longest military barracks. Now all that remains is its roofless skeletal ruins which serve as a haunting icon of the destructiveness of war. 
Built sometime in the early years of the 20th century, the Mile-Long Barracks is a 1,520-foot (1/3 of a mile), three-level building with a distinct Pre-war American architectural design.  Also known as the Topside barracks, because the building was built on the Topside part of the island, it housed American personnel during the Pre-war until the early days of the war. It was also said that the famous General Douglas MacArthur once had his headquarters in one part of the barracks.
Going back to its architectural design, did you know that the Mile-Long Barracks is built in the center of the Topside part of the island and it is perfectly aligned along an East to West Axis?
Most people would ask why the structure is called…

Cavite: Corregidor Island Lighthouse

Located in the Topside sector in Corregidor Island in the province of Cavite, Corregidor Island Lighthouse was a Spanish built structure built to guide ships through the dangerous entrance of Manila Bay.
Built under the Royal Order of the Spanish Government in 1846, the lighthouse was finally completed seven years later in 1853. This makes the lighthouse in Corregidor and the one in Caballo Island as the second oldest lighthouse established in the Philippines after the lighthouse at the mouth of Pasig River.

Corregidor Island Lighthouse was built on the highest point of the island. The lighthouse is measured 60 feet from its base to the top of the wind vane. All in all the tower stands 639 feet above sea level.

After years of service, it was only during the time of the Americans in 1902 that the lighthouse was repaired and restored. It was repainted gray in 1903 and was later painted white in 1920.

When the Japanese invaded the Philippines on December 8, 1941, the lighthouses on Corregido…

Cavite: Middleside Barracks Ruins

Located in the Middleside sector in Corregidor island in the province of Cavite, Middleside Barracks is probably the first of the many ruins that you'll encounter once you avail the day tour package to Corregidor.
Built in 1915, Middleside Barracks is a large military structure that is made up of two three-story buildings. The barracks was referred to as Middleside Barracks because it was constructed in the Middleside part or sector of the island.

It was said that the cement used to build the structure was imported from Japan. Ironically, it would be the same country that would have its troops bombard the island (and the Middleside Barracks) with thousands of bombs.
The barracks was called home by the 60th Coast Artillery Regiment and by the 91st Philippine Scout Coast Artillery Regiment. The barracks was briefly occupied by elements of the 4th Marine Regiment when they arrived in Corregidor on December 1941. 

Check out these old pictures:

Today, the ruins of Middleside Barracks can on…

List of Festivals in the Philippines: February

Do you want to witness and be part of the exciting and colorful cultural activities in the Philippines in this month of February

Then check out the list of popular fiestas or festivals happening this month.

Tinagba Festival
Location: Iriga City, Province of Camarines Sur
Details: The festival is celebrated every first until the second week of February. Its highlight is the carabao parade where farmers decorate their carabaos and carts with colorful props for tourists to admire. The carts would then be filled up with their best products which will be blessed in a mass before finally sharing it to the less fortunate townspeople. This festival is a thanksgiving to the bountiful harvest in the upcoming months. The word tinagba means "first harvest offering" in Bicolano.

Suman Festival
Location: Baler, Province of Aurora
Details: The festival is celebrated every 14th to 19th of February. Its highlights are the float parade and the coronation of the Binibining Aurora. Visitors should t…


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