Decawake Clark Cable Park - Pampanga

Located in Angeles City in the province of Pampanga, Decawake Clark Cable Park is the only cable park in Central Luzon. However, it is the second Decawake Cable Park in the Philippines. The first one was built in Davao a few years back.

Decawake Clark Cable Park

Decawake Clark Cable Park details

Decawake Clark Cable Park - Angeles City, Pampanga

I have been to Pampanga on several occasions and I know that the province is a must-visit destination for bloggers. The province of Pampanga is known for the Hot Air Balloon Festival and its numerous century-old churches. Aside from that, the province is also popular with those with adventurous stomachs. There are several restaurants with unique dishes made from frogs, crickets, and other things not worth mentioning. (I have lots of readers with weak stomachs but powerful imaginations.)

Ready for some action?

3 more years of doing this consistently and I'll one of those champions!

Nah! That's not me...

Crowd watches... looking for epic failures

They have a shop that sells wakeboarding-related stuff.

I'm anxious to try this out for the first time.

The area for newbies (like me)

The area designated for the big boys

However, I was unaware that the province also has a place for those who seek to challenge their physical limits. I was invited by the Grade 7 PAREF Southridge School students and their fathers during their annual Father and Son Camping and it was during their challenging activities that I found myself in Decawake Clark Cable Park.

The Backpack Adventures tries wakeboarding

Waiting at the pre-departure area hahaha

It took me 2 seconds to splashdown!

I have to admit, I was caught unprepared. I had no experience in wakeboarding, the most challenging water activity that I tried was snorkeling. (Yup! that was quite challenging for me.) I was, on the other hand, unwilling to back down from the challenge. I want my students to see how cool I am. But I doubt it would be so... Check out my wakeboarding pictures below.

Well, it didn't turn out as I expected (and wanted) but heck I enjoyed every second of it. For those who want to show off (like me) and fail (like me).

Here are the important details that you have to keep in mind:

Decawake Clark Cable Park is strictly by booking reservations only. Please access this link for booking guidelines Should you decide to pay onsite, you will be charged an additional fee of Php100 on top of the wakeboard rate.

Decawake Clark Cable Park rates

Wakeboard Rate: 500 weekday and 600 weekends/holidays. 2 hours

Inclusive of the vest, helmet, beginner board, and tutorial from our well-trained operators. For those who want to use a professional set (board and boots), Php 500 shall be charged as a rental fee for 2 hours on top of the wakeboard rate.

Decawake Clark Cable Park operating hours

Decawake Clark Cable Park is open every day from 8am-6pm
Check-in is required upon arrival. 15 and below as well as 65 and above are allowed to enter strictly for the purpose of wakeboarding and outdoor physical exercise.

Why visit Decawake Clark Cable Park?

Have you tried wakeboarding? If you are willing to learn this skill then you need practice. Decawake Clark Cable Park offers you that opportunity. They offer affordable packages for amateurs and also a training venue for professionals.

Getting to Decawake Clark Cable Park:

From Manila, ride a bus going to Angeles City. From there you have to take the Friendship /Side Gate going to barangay Margot. It will take you 10-15 minutes to reach your destination. You'll see the road going to Decawake Clark Cable Park on the right-hand side. Head towards that destination and you'll see the towering cable lines on your left.

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  1. Added this on my list of where to go in Pampanga because we visit the place soon or this coming summer. Thanks! :)

    1. Thanks for the visit Clyde!
      Yup you should try this one out!


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