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Agusan Del Sur: Giant Toog Tree

Found in Barangay Alegria, San Francisco (San Franz), in Agusan Del Sur, This Giant Toog Tree also known as Philippine Rosewood is considered as the oldest and tallest in the country.

Giant Toog Tree

This particular Toog tree stands 318 feet with a diameter of 7 meters at its base. From a distance the tree  looks like a towering giant amidst a crowd. The tree was judged as the tallest of all toog trees by the Tree Preservation Foundation of the Philippines inc. in 1980.

The marker tell the story of this particular tree.
Toog Trees are known for its toughness. It was said that during the olden times, man couldn't cut down the toog trees. Axes and manual saws are useless against its thick trunks. However, when the technology improved and machines were introduced to the Philippines, the mighty toog trees finally met its match. The once numerous giants slowly dwindled in number and seldom does the trees reach the same height that it once had. 
The tree towers higher than the electric lines

I had to crouch low to get this shot

Looking for nests

Me standing next to the tree.
Even my wide angle lens can't capture the whole tree.
Today, this Toog tree found in Alegria remains a lasting symbol of environmental conservation not only to the people living near it but to all Filipinos.

A fence is built to protect the tree from trucks and buses.. and loggers

A few years back, a Manobo named Gil Andipa was paid to scale the tree to install Christmas lights. funding came from generous businessmen and locals. The project was finished in 2011 and the locals were hoping that the Toog tree of Alegria would be added in the Guinness Records as the "World's Tallest Living Christmas Tree". To date the record is still held by a 162-foot Grand Fir in Couer d'Alene Resort. 

Getting there:

From Manila book for a flight to Butuan City in Agusan Del Norte. Once you reach Bancasi Airport in Butuan City, board a bus heading for Davao. Tell the conductor to drop you off at San Franz (San Fransisco) in Agusan Del Sur. From there you could take a 10 to 20 minute motorcycle ride going to Alegria. The Giant Toog Tree is just beside the highway.

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  1. hey kuya, malapit lang bahay namin sa sanfrance. 5mins travel lang :)

  2. If you tell me it is 60 meters tall, I can believe you. But some claims that it is 87 to 100 meters tall are clearly overstating it! No way it is that tall and even from the photos it doesn't look that tall.

    1. Well to be fair I haven't measured it personally but it was the rangers and botanists in San Franz that gave me the data. They scaled the tree and claims that it is still growing. Safe to say it's at around 90-100 meters tall now.

  3. So stupid to put the marker on the tree itself!

    1. Oh the marker is not on the tree. It's found on a cement slab near it.


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