Osaka Castle Revisited 2019 - Osaka

It was just last year when my wife, daughter, and I last visited Osaka Castle. Come to think of it, we have always had Osaka Castle in our itineraries every time we visit Japan. It's like it's not a Japan trip if we didn't visit Osaka Castle. You can read about our first visit (2014) HERE and our 2018 visit HERE.

Osaka Castle Revisited 2019

What makes our latest (2019) visit different from the first two was that my parents and siblings are now part of the trip. Aside from that, my wife and daughter were not with me this time as they went ahead to our Japanese godparent's residence in Kumatori to bond and help prepare for our Christmas Eve celebration.

Osaka Castle - Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture

For those who are not familiar with Osaka Castle here's a bit of its history.

Osaka Castle History:    

Osaka Castle was built in 1563 under the commands of one of Japan's well-known historic figures -Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Construction was completed in 1597 but Hideyoshi died soon after, hence the castle was passed to his son Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

The castle was destroyed several times both by war and natural disasters. It was also rebuilt several times and was also subjected to restorative works in the past year as well. Presently, Osaka Castle is probably the city's most famous landmark. It is visited by millions of people annually. 

Team Nicerio in Osaka Castle 2019

Since my last visit was only last year, I have not seen any eye-catching changes in the castle and the castle grounds. However, I would like to share that it was during this visit that I have explored the area around Gokurakubashi  Bridge for the first time.

Historic areas to see in Osaka Castle's vicinity

Osaka Castle Vicinity Map

Aoyamon Turret

East Outer Moat

A manhole cover found in Osaka Castle
EXPO 70 Time Capsule

Gimmeisui Well

Gokurabashi Bridge

Monument for Toyotomi Hideyori and his mother

Osaka Castle Garden

Main Tower of Osaka Castle 

Masugata Square

Miraiza Osakajo

Osaka Castle Otemon Gate
Huge Stones at Sakuramon-Masugata Square

Sengan-yagura Turret

Tamon-yagura Turret

Overall, despite getting the opportunity to visit Osaka Castle thrice already there are still plenty of spots that I haven't visited yet. Hence, it wouldn't be a surprise if I explore the castle grounds again on my next trip. So if you haven't seen Osaka Castle yet, then don't forget to include it in your itinerary.

Osaka Castle was featured in Detective Conan's episode 966 - Kaiju Gomera VS Kamen Yaiba (Interlude)

Osaka Castle Admission Fee

Osaka Castle Ticket Booth

Osaka Castle Admission Fee 

It is free to explore Osaka Castle grounds. However, adults need to pay 600 yen per person to enter the tenshukaku while kids can enter for FREE.

Osaka Castle Operating Hours

Osaka Castle is open from 9AM - 5PM

Why visit Osaka Castle?

Some believe that one wouldn't have visited Osaka if they didn't visit Osaka Castle. Well, in a way it's true. Osaka Castle remains to be the main landmark of Osaka and is mostly on everyone's itinerary. So, don't miss it out when you are in the city. 

Getting to Osaka Castle:


Ride the JR West Osaka Loop Line. Board down at Osakajokoen Station and walk several blocks to reach the castle keep. 



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