Pokemon Center Kyoto - Kyoto

Located on the second floor of the SUINA Muromachi Shopping Mall in Shimogyo Ward, Kankobokocho, Kyoto City, Pokemon Center Kyoto is a specialty store that sells awesome Pokemon merchandise. 

Pokemon Center Kyoto

Pokemon Center Kyoto History

Opened in 2017 and originally located on the fifth floor of Takashimaya Department Store Kyoto, Pokemon Center Kyoto moved to its current location last March 2019. The current store measures 381 square meters which are way larger than the old store. 

Pokemon Center Kyoto - Kyoto City

Welcome to Pokemon Center Kyoto

Maiku Pikachu - Pokemon Center Kyoto
Pokemon Center Kyoto's Mascot - Maiko Pikachu

Pokemon Center Kyoto Exclusive Merchandise

Pokemon Center Kyoto is a must-visit if you adore anything Pokemon. The store has tons of Pokemon merchandise including Kyoto exclusive merch. Like the Maiko Pikachu plush toy which also serves as the store's mascot. 

Pokemon Center Kyoto Exclusive Merchandise:

Maiko Pikachu

Okuge-sama Pikachu

Not a fan of Pikachu? There are also plenty of non-Pikachu plush toys in the store for those who are in love with other Pokemon characters. Other Pokemon merchandise includes keychains, Pokemon Cards, school supplies, utensils, clothing, food, and many more.

Don't like Pikachu? How about a Psyduck?

However, keep in mind that with all these cuteness comes price tags (most of which will make you rethink your travel budget). For those who are on a tight budget, don't fret, you can still take photos of your favorite Pokemons inside the store. There are several uber-cute Pokemon standees in the stores like Pikachu riding Ho-Oh which is very perfect for your Instagram photo collection.

Pokemon Sword and Shield starter Pokemon -Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble

Ho-Oh and Pikachu


Ho-oh with Junichi Masuda's autograph

A stand with Junichi Masuda's autograph

Having Pokemon shows and games part of our childhood, my siblings and I didn't miss out on the opportunity to visit Pokemon Center Kyoto during the 4th day of our 2019 Japan trip. They bought some Pokemazing products including the Kyoto exclusive Maiko Pikachu. They also bought some Pokegifts for our relatives back home. As for me, I kinda oversee our family travel funds so I just preoccupied myself by taking tons of photos of all those kawaii Pokemon merch. 

Team Nicerio in Pokemon Center Kyoto

Overall, our love for Pokemadness was dosed with an awesome overdose of Poke-cuteness. This visit surely wouldn't be the last as there is plenty of merch that I would want to take back home (hopefully in the near future). So for all those Pokefans visiting Kyoto, don't miss this place out!

Pokemon Center Kyoto Opening Hours:

Pokemon Center Kyoto is open from 10AM to 8PM every day.

Why visit the Pokemon Center Kyoto?

If you are a big fan of Pokemon, then you should include the Pokemon Center Kyoto in your itinerary when you visit Kyoto City. This store has plenty of Pokemon merch worth checking out. There is also Kyoto exclusive merch worth buying. 

Getting to Pokemon Center Kyoto:


From Kyoto Station, ride bus # 26 or #50 and board down at Shijo Nishinotoin bus stop. From there, walk about 300m to reach SUINA Muromachi Shopping Mall. Head up to the second floor to get to the main entrance of the Pokemon Center Kyoto.

Another option is riding the Karasuma Line from Kyoto Station and boarding down at Shijo Station. From there, the store is about 280m away. 

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