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Cagsawa Ruins Revisited 2019 - Albay

Located in Barangay Busay, Cagsawa, Daraga in the province of Albay, the Cagsawa Ruins are the most popular landmark and tourist destination of the province. 
Cagsawa Ruins History The ruins were remnants of the once-proud 16th-century Spanish colonial era church called Cagsawa Church. Prior to its devastation in 1814, the church already had a very colorful history. It was built in 1587and served as the spiritual sanctuary for the locals for decades until it was razed by the raiding Dutch pirates in 1636. It was then rebuilt in 1724 under the supervision of Fr. Francisco Blanco and then continued to become the safe haven to its people until February 1, 1814, when Mayon Volcano ended that. 

Recorded as the most powerful eruption of Mayon Volcano, the 1814 Eruption buried towns at the foot of the volcano with several hundred million cubic meters of tephra and lahar killing thousands. Those who survived the initial eruption sought refuge inside the church but also perished when the pyroclas…

Albay Park and Wildlife - Albay

Located at Daraga-Legazpi Diversion Road in Legazpi City, Albay,  Albay Park and Wildlife (as its name suggests) is a park and a zoo rolled into one. 
Albay Park and Wildlife Details With an entrance fee that's very affordable, visitors could already enjoy viewing the animals inside Albay Park and Wildlife. Visitors can also enjoy the park's facilities and amenities. Read on to discover more about Albay Park and Wildlife.


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