4U2C Sidewalk Food Hub - Cavite

Update 2021: This establishment is now closed

Located at Niog 3 Molino Boulevard, Bacoor City in the province of Cavite, 4U2C Sidewalk Food Hub is a two-floor food center that houses food stalls that sells a variety of local and foreign dishes.

4U2C Sidewalk Food Hub

4U2C Sidewalk Food Hub History

Also known as Sidewalk Fud Hub / Sidewalk Food Park, 4U2C Sidewalk Food Hub opened on November 30, 2018. Since its opening, it has quickly established itself as a perfect nighttime destination to eat and hang out with family and friends. I first got to visit 4U2C Sidewalk Food Hub last February 2019 and it kind of reminded me of the hawker centers in Singapore that I visited a few years back. However, unlike the said hawker centers, this place was designed not just for eating but also to cater to the different needs of its patrons.

4U2C Sidewalk Food Hub

Bonding time with the family!

Check out this boat-slash-table

Let's go!

What do I mean by that? Well, solo customers could enjoy the relaxing massage services found on the second floor of the food hub. Those with dates would surely be entertained by the live band while seating comfortably in one of those carriage designed balcony seats on the second floor. Those with children would appreciate the play area at the center of the food hub. For a very affordable fee, parents could eat peacefully while the kids get their share of fun with other kids. If you're coming with your barkada, the videoke rooms and billiards area are great places to roister around. 

Ground Floor Area:

Food Stalls and dining area

The play area

Enjoy live performances...

The food stalls:

2nd Floor Area:

2nd-floor area

The ground floor as seen from the second floor

Looking for tea?

Massage area

Videoke area

Gotta love this comfy sofa

Outside Sidewalk Fud Hub:

The front area at night

The back area 

Check out the Japan surplus store near the entrance

The kingyo sukai game

Now, an article about 4U2C Sidewalk Food Hub won't be complete if we won't talk about food. The different food stalls in the food hub offer a wide variety of dishes to choose from. There are Japanese, Korean, Filipino, and Western dishes available here. During my visit with my family, we ordered some drinks, okonomiyaki, BBQ, and a unique looking deep-fried breaded squid that was presented to look like a butterfly. The food tasted great and was quite heavy on the stomach. I actually had to take home the okonomiyaki. My daughter, on the other hand, enjoyed playing in the play area. In just less than a P1000 pesos, our Sidewalk Fud Hub adventure was worth it. Just a reminder though, you are not allowed to bring outside food and drinks here. 

Our experience:

Giant Butterfly squid of Above the Sea

Okonomiyaki of Orimo


Overall, I would surely come back to Sidewalk Fud Hub. Next time I'd bring my whole family along for a food trip and hopefully we get to try out all the dishes available. That would surely be one for the books. 

4U2C Sidewalk Food Hub Admission Fee:

There are no admission fees to enter this food center but keep in mind that you are not allowed to bring outside food in.

4U2C Sidewalk Food Hub Opening Hours:

4U2C Sidewalk Food Hub is open from 4PM to 12AM every day

Why visit 4U2C Sidewalk Food Hub?

If you're looking for a place to dine in the long stretch of Molino Boulevard then this place is a must-try. There are numerous food stalls that cater to the different cravings of visiting diners. This place is also a great place to chill and bond with friends.

Getting to 4U2C Sidewalk Food Hub:

From Manila, head to SM Mall of Asia. Once there, ride a UV Express van going to PAGASA or SM Molino but ask if the van would go through Molino Boulevard. 

Tell the driver to drop you off at 4U2C Sidewalk Food Hub.


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  1. Love it when we find a place to visit that has activities for both the adults and the children! Such a nice was to spend the day.

  2. FOOD, no matter where I go on holiday or getaway my main priority is food, that looks delicious by the way.

    1. Same here Evan. I never go on an adventure without trying the local delicacy.

  3. Nice post, this trip sounds fun :)

    xxxx Aga

  4. I am so sorry that is s far away from me it looks so cool !!! :'(

  5. Wow. I understand why it will appeal to families and friends. Aside from the food area, there are massage center and videoke, and other activities nearby. The kids will definitely have a great time!

    1. That's true. I think they wanted to cater to all ages. =)

  6. well I definitely want to go here! This looks really awesome!

  7. Looks like you guys have lots of fun! So much to do there!

    1. Yes we did Lorita. We sure loved the food and the music in 4U2C. =)

  8. Wow, such a vibrant and lively place. I am sure you guys enjoyed a lot. Even in my city there are such type of foodcourts. I love visiting them occasionally. The food looks delicious too.

  9. After saw all these pictures seems i personally visited this place with you guys <3
    thanks for sharing ;) waiting for the next place to visit ;-)

    1. Awww 'm happy that my photos gave you that experience. Thank you so much Kriti! =)

  10. Delicious! Liked the way event is organised.

    1. I'm happy to hear that. I hope you'd visit this place someday.

  11. Great tips. I will surely keep this in mind. šŸ™‚

  12. Everything looks amazing. Thanks for sharing

  13. What a great journey through pictures. It looks amazing.

  14. I'm just thinking how lucky you are.. :) Thank you for sharing your journeys with us. Happy blogging.

    1. Thank you for always visiting The Backpack Adventures. =) I really appreciate it.

  15. This sounds like a fun place. I wish every city had a food hub like this, becomes nice excuse for family and friends to hangout together.

    1. I agree with you Anshul. That reminds me of the Hawker Centers in Singapore. It's a perfect place to hangout with friends.

  16. I love foodie adventure like this I can't wait to visit this place someday I have a friend who live in Cavite I will tell him to visit this place!

    1. Please do come over to Cavite Maysz. I would be glad to tour you around.

  17. Awesome place to hang out. And food looks yum too.

    1. =) You should come try the butterfly squid Bindu.

  18. Wow! this place is so attractive! would love to visit. I always like trying new places and cuisines.

    1. I highly suggest the butterfly squid here. Aside from that you should also try out the Filipino cuisines sold here.

  19. What a wonderful place.Looking to visit there someday.

  20. Looks like a super cool place! Thanks for sharing!


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