Honjin Hiranoya Bekkan - Gifu

Located at 1 Chome-5 Honmachi, Takayama City in Gifu Prefecture, Honjin Hiranoya Bekkan is one of the best traditional Japanese Inns or ryokan in the city. 

Honjin Hiranoya Bekkan

Honjin Hiranoya Bekkan Details

Honjin Hiranoya Bekkan offers its guests an authentic Japanese experience like a night in a traditional Japanese-style room,  eating an exquisite Japanese kaiseki cuisine, and dipping in an onsen. 

Honjin Hiranoya Bekkan - Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture

Honjin Hiranoya Bekkan reception area

Looks like a shrine with plenty of sarubobo dolls

The hallway outside our room

Speaking of its Japanese-style rooms, most of Honjin Hiranoya Bekkan's rooms have a view of the Miyagawa River. The river gives these rooms a relaxing natural flowing water sound which for some helps them get a good night's sleep. Some rooms, on the other hand, have great views of the historic Takayama Jinya which is one of the city's historic landmarks.

Our Japanese Style Standard Room with River View as viewed from the entrance

Our room as viewed from the veranda

The toilet

Our room with the futons brought out

First-timers of ryokans would surely be shocked to discover that there are no beds in their rooms. That's because guests of traditional Japanese inns sleep in traditional futons which the room attendants would set during the night. Despite being traditional, each room has wifi connections so that you could upload your day's adventure to your social media accounts.

The view from our room!

Takayama Jinya as seen from the room of our Japanese godfather

Aside from its traditional Japanese-style rooms, another thing to look forward to is its kaiseki or the traditional Japanese course that is served in your room during dinner. The meal includes the famed Hida beef, which is a must-try in the region.

Let's go inside!

Lastly, a stay in a ryokan won't be complete without taking a dip in an onsen. There are a large public viewing bath and a women's only separate bath on the top floor. There is also a rotemburo for both men and women that have alternating usage times. Other amenities of Honjin Hiranoya Bekkan includes massage, esthetic services, rental bike, and karaoke. Each of these costs an extra charge on your account. 

Since it's not allowed to take pictures inside the onsen area, I took these photos from the official website which you could check HERE.

The onsen area at night (Photo from the official website)

The onsen area during the morning (Photo from the official website)

What I like about Honjin Hiranoya Bekkan aside from those I already mentioned is its location. It is located very near the historic Old Town area also called Sanmachi Suji which is just less a few minutes away on foot. It is also just across the Takayama Jinja which was mentioned earlier. 

For those planning to spend a night in Takayama City, you may book a room at Honjin Hiranoya Bekkan by clicking this LINK.

Felt so Japanese

Check out our kaiseki dinner

Hida Beef!

Here's what we got before we ate our breakfast

The kaiseki breakfast

My family and I got to stay at Honjin Hiranoya Bekkan during our 15th day in Japan. What's special about our stay was that we had our first ryokan and onsen experience. This experience, of course, wouldn't have been possible if not for our Japanese godfather Mr. Toshi and his family who planned and went on the Gifu-Nagano Roadtrip with us. 


Team Nicerio: Oyasumi!

Why stay in Honjin Hiranoya Bekkan? 

Overall, since going to Takayama City is quite a challenge, it would be better to stay at least a night in the city. Of course, I highly suggest the Honjin Hiranoya Bekkan as this ryokan is strategically located near the train station and the main tourist attractions of the city. Aside from that, the staff is also very friendly and accommodating. They try to speak in English too.

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Getting to Honjin Hiranoya Bekkan:*

To get to Takayama City, the best way is to take the JR train. You can ride the following:

  • From Tokyo Shinkansen Nozomi (1'36Hrs) Nagoya Wide view Hida express (2'15Hrs) Takayama
  • From Osaka Shinkansen Nozomi (0'53Hrs) Nagoya Wide view Hida express (2'15Hrs) Takayama 
  • From Nagoya Wide view Hida express (2'15Hrs) Takayama
  • From Toyama Wide view Hida express (1'25Hrs) Takayama

Once there, you can ride the Free Shuttle Service of Honjin Hiranoya Bekkan. However, you have to take in mind the following things:

  • For free shuttle service from the train station to the hotel please make sure to alert us of your train arrival time well in advance, preferably the day before, by sending us an email: yoyaku@honjinhiranoya.com
  • In the e-mail make sure to identify yourself by using the same name you used on the reservation and also do not forget to provide the reservation date.
  • At the JR Takayama Station, after you exit the ticketing gate on the second floor, please head to the nearby waiting room and wait there for our staff. Please do NOT take the escalator down to the first floor and wait outside
  • Also the train to Takayama, either from Toyama or Nagoya, has no onboard food and beverage service. If you would like to share snacks and drinks with your family/friends while enjoying the passing scenery, please make sure to buy them before you board the train.
  • Important: The latest starting time for dinner is 19:00. Please check-in by 17:00 at the latest.

* Information provided came from the official website of Honjin Hiranoya Bekkan

Overall rating


  1. this looks really amazing!!! but that's no surprise - you find the best places!

    1. Thank you so much Ashli. =) Your comment made me smile. =)

  2. This inn looks very nice. It’s great for me to see places of cultures outside of my own.

    1. I'm happy to hear that I am bridging Japan's culture to you Yonnah. =)

  3. Oh my gosh all the food looks soooo good! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. The collection of food served here is actually called kaiseki. =)

  4. I would love to visit Japan one day. This looks like a lovely place to stay.

  5. This looks so amazing. Great travel tips!

  6. wow! looks very nice indeed! What a fun stay. I really like the sliding doors, such a neat idea, I wish we had more of these here.

    1. That's why I love staying in a ryokan. It has this tinge of culture in it that I love. =)

  7. This is very helpful with my Japan Planning.

  8. This looks fun!
    amazing view, comfort and good food :)
    thanks for share

  9. That's really beautiful, especially the pictures.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. I really love this place. wearing kimono is one of my dream if I go to Japan.

  11. This looks like an amazing experience. What a great opportunity!

  12. Your blog just shows how beautiful Japan is. I am more than interested to visit Japan now. I just worry about the cost and all but I really would want to explore Japan. Thanks once again for sharing.

    1. Hi Sheena. When you're in Japan, you'd forget about the cost of exploring it as you'd be lost in an adventure that you'd wish would never end.

  13. It is indeed a lovely place to explore, and the food looks really great.

  14. I like the beautiful view outside your room, and your onsen that is superb experience!

    1. Gotta love our room. It has a perfect view. You're right the onsen experience here is also superb. =)

  15. Loved the floor seating dining table in your room.

  16. The place looks very traditional and the window view looks absolutely beautiful! The dolls of the cat looks pretty cute.

    1. Oh that's the sarubobo doll. =) It's a perfect souvenir. =)

  17. Japanese culture never failed to amaze me! Those dolls look a bit creepy. lol

    1. Hahaha. The Sarubobo dolls looks a bit creepy I agree but It's actually the mascot of the city.

  18. This place looks so cool! I bet you had the best time!

    1. My family and I really did had a great stay at Honjin Hiranoya Bekkan. =)

  19. Hi Neil! I always love your adventure! Looking forward for more! Enjoy Japan and please say hi if we ever cross paths :)

  20. this hotel looks really beautiful and clean too. the view out of the room looks also good. thanks for sharing your experience and mentioning all the details. i will also preferance to stay there if i visit this place.
    Elizabeth O

    1. That's great. I'm happy that my article Honjin Hiranoya Bekkan was of big help. =)

  21. Takayama is famous for onsens, I have to stay in this ryokan when my sister comes and visits me.

    1. You should come check out Takayama City with your sister. You guys will surely love it.

  22. The Onsen area looks like that would be my favourite place!

  23. This place looks beautiful. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. :)

    1. We really did enjoy our time here JK. You should come visit.

  24. I love the traditional style of Japan. Pictures are looking wonderful. Very clean and healthy. Thanks for sharing.


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