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Food trip: Minukmok

Would you believe that this delicacy paved the way for thousands of men and women to end up together as a couple?

Minukmok is a traditional delicacy in the province of Quezon. It is made from a variety of banana called saba. Making this dish is quite simple. You just need saba, sugar, margarine, and the traditional large mortar and pestle. 

Note: This delicacy has several names in Quezon province. It is sometimes called Nilubak, Niyubak, etc. In other provinces, the minukmok varies by means of ingredients. Regardless, I will focus on the story of the minukmok of Quezon based on the stories I learned from the Quezon Media Tour.

Here's how a minukmok is made:
Peel the saba(s).Place the peeled saba(s) in the mortar and pestle.Pound it continuously until it is mushy.Add the sugar and then pound it again until it is well blended.So how does the minukmok contribute to creating couples? 

Long ago, before the age of the "text relationships", young men had to first get the approval of…

Caleruega Transfiguration Chapel - Batangas

Located in Nasugbu in the province of Batangas, Caleruega Transfiguration Chapel is the most photographed part of the Caleruega Retreat Center. 

Also known as the Hilltop Chapel, Caleruega Transfiguration Chapel is actually a replica of the original chapel of the Dominican Order in Caleruega, Spain. The chapel is a famous spot for prenuptial photoshoots and weddings. The chapel could accommodate around 200 people (bride, groom, and priest included.) What I like about the chapel is the way it becomes one with nature yet stands out among its surroundings. 

Caleruega Transfiguration Chapel is also starting to gain fame among the pilgrims. However, getting to its location is quite challenging. Aside from some inaccurate details provided by Google Maps, the road heading to the retreat center isn't that well maintained. However, once you reach your destination all of those would surely be forgiven.
Since the chapel is within the Caleruega Retreat Center, I might as well write about it. For…

Bataan: Hermosa Church

Located in the town of Hermosa in the province of Bataan, Hermosa Church is one of the several Spanish-era churches of the province. 

Built in 1717, Hermosa Church is also known as Saint Peter of Verona Parish Church. Like most old churches built in the country in the 16th century, Hermosa Church was first built using wood, so it's not surprising that this church was burnt down and destroyed by fire several times. 
When it was rebuilt using stone, its facade was styled into a Baroque architectural design common to the old churches back then. Since that time, Hermosa Church has undergone several renovation and restoration jobs to preserve its beauty from the ravages of time. 
As part of history, Hermosa Church became the provincial chapter of the Dominicans after the British conquered Manila. The church also saw the Japanese Imperial Army marching thru the town during World War 2. It probably also witnessed how thousands of Filipino and American Prisoners of War (POW) marched thru the…

Experience Quezon 2016: Discovering New Destinations

The province of Quezon has always been close to my heart. As a matter of fact, my X chromosomes are from the bloodlines of the hardworking natives of the province while my Y chromosomes, on the other hand, are from the oragon people of Albay. 

That's why, when I got an email from the Quezon Tourism Office inviting me to participate in a media tour of their province, I immediately said yes. For me, it's like coming back home and exploring each part of the hose more thoroughly. 
Experience Quezon 2016: Discovering New Destinations is a 4-day media tour event that aims to promote new and potential tourist destinations in the province. Aside from that, the tour also promotes the unique delicacies that the province has to offer.

Check out the places that we visited, cuisines that we tested,and festivals that we joined in our 4-day media tour:*

Day 1 Infanta-Real

Day 2 Tayabas- Atimonan -Pagbilao


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